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  1. Greating yall from wonderfull Warner Robins GA!
    Allow me to introduce myself, I am NoMaD, I am 32 and have photigraphic proof of me spinning wrenches on bikes before I even hit 2 (dads a bike junky to)
    Not to toot my horn but I am a master mechanic on the cycle end. I have wrenched on cycles in shops for several years and can either answer, or direct you to th answer for any cycle question you have.
    I am a bit of a newbie regarding motorized cycles, I have added chainsaw motors and weed wacker drives but I baught my livefast last year and still haven't got it to run yet.
    I work for L.H Thomson doing testing and machining on their fine line of AMERICAN MADE seatposts and stems. This gives me acsess to some really great engineers to pester but that doesn't replace expierence,,,,,,,
    Thats were yall come in, HOW IN THE WORLD DO i GET THIS THING RUNNING!!!????!?!
    That said i hope that I can be of benefit to those needing some expierenced know how in the cycle part as yall will be in regards to my livefast.

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    welcome to MBc
    we can't have too many bike mechanics!!
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    You guys make good seatposts. Sorry to hear about old man Thomson's passing as well..

    PS- Make more parts!
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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
    Glad you found the forum. Worked for a year at the base. Lived at the Pondorosa RV park at Perry. Nice part of GA having worked in Albany(nyaintfromround heer) and up at Atlanta, Warner was a great place. And all the Japanese Steak Houses!
    Wish I whoud have know about these things when I was there.
    But how do you people learn to live with all those trees!