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    No Go Joe

    Hello all; Gary, a new member here. I live in Northern Oregon, five miles or

    so from the Mighty Columbia river, and 25 miles from where I grew up, Boardman.

    There are several people with bikes around here, but they all seem a bit standoffish, so no pals to ride with.

    I am in a quandry.-----. New carb, new cdi, and new magneto, and my bike simply will not fire. It seems to want to, but, alas, nothing but a little pop. Any suggestions on this subject?? I rely on my bike for 99% of what I do away from home, and need this thing going.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hiigel

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    Ok; I'm told I must introduce myself.

    My name is Gary, 59; been riding motorized bike for 1.5 yrs now. I grew up on the front of Pa's Harley, so it's not totally new, and we eventually got a Honda 450, which I used to ride a lot.

    I have one friend here, or 40 miles from here, but there aree others; just have not caught up with them yet.

    While I have ridden all over this place, I now find myself in a quandry with a bike that will not fire. New Carb, New Magneto, and New CDI Box, but it simply will not fire up.

    I am totally lost w/o my bike; I use it for 99% of my travel around here, and am desperate to get it going.

    Any suggestions from you old timers??

    Help a guy out please.


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    Welcome aboard, Gary :D
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    No Go Bike

    Thanks Dave.

    I hoped to be out riding, but changibng to a new carb, a ned CDI, as well as new magneto has done little. It's getting fuel, spark, and air; It does not compute!! Good thing I have lots of hair to pull out!!