Green Bike Debuts the all new "CAPONE"

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    Hi folk's After 1 year of trying this and that we finally rolled out our fourth permanent "ready to ride " motorized Bike.
    Introducing the "CAPONE" This bike sell's for just $449.00 (pick-Up) in Fontana, Ca. We ran the pro-types in to the ground trying to see what works and what does'nt and ended up with this final version and it goes on sale today.
    This bike is sick....Totally Gangsta and is a throw back to the bikes that were around when Al Capone was rising ****. Capone and his chronis hung out here in Fontana, Ca. and if your ever out this way i'll take you to his house. It's only 2 blocks away from me.
    Please check out this bike and the other 3 models at our online store at
    Production begins Monday July 5th and pick-up/shipping begins on July 8th
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