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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by safe, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. safe

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    It's getting to the point that any time you tell the truth on the internet you get banned.

    One wonders how many people today feel the same?

    People want to suggest:

    "There should be no politics about 'Global Warming'".

    ...well that's not logical. The very fact that people are advocating for "Global Warming" ideology is itself a political issue.

    "Global Warming" is politics. (by definition)

    (so by suppressing one side only you are in effect advocating the other) would be better to just allow the truth to emerge by allowing all sides to present their best case and let "The People" decide for themselves what is the real truth. Free Speech is not a bad idea if you really think about it.

    Science does not support a linear model for climate, so the idea that things will go flat, or straight up is not supported by science. Science suggests that climate is cyclical and always will be with or without mankinds assistance.
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  2. andyszyd

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    CLIMAT CHANGE former GLOBAL WARMING IS pure Politics, without addmitting the obvious.

    It is not about enviroment, or well being of neither Planet or her inhabitans.

    It's about power and enslavement like all vile ideologies of the past.

    Silencing those who disagree is an opression just like practiced by Germany Nazis and then Soviets after WW2.

    They were very good and profficient at it. Much less capable of producing food and consumer goods (Soviets).
  3. safe

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    Then I don't get it.

    I had created a thread that celebrated the fact that the progressive agenda was "exposed" and went about detailing the long history of the progressives and who, what, when and where they went about creating their politics that eventually ended up as the "Global Warming" agenda.

    It's as though if you make a sort of simplistic criticism you are allowed to continue (because it can be made fun of) but if you dig deep and expose anything then you get banned.

    You only get banned if you strike a nerve...
  4. kerf

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    safe & andyszyd,

    Guys, the Green Room wasn't created for opinions such as ours. The fact is, you need to come with me to the "dark side" (Combustion Chamber), where we are free to discuss issues openly. It's an option Tom has provided for people like "us". It'll be alright, you'll see.
  5. safe

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    In order to enter the temple I will need permission.

    And I haven't learned the secret handshake yet. :)

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