Green Hornet

Took the Green Hornet out for a ride today. Had to get it out from under some junk that got piled on top of it. I was working on this one a few months ago when I was convalescing. I never got a chance to ride it, I started working on the Engine Turned bike, and left this one in the garage to collect dust. I forgot how good it runs, this is the one I made the 39 tooth sprocket for, I just put the springer on and the new seat and put it away. I want to get an expansion chamber next. I had to go in to work also, they are having a motorcycle show here in Long Beach, I rode the happy time bike over to the motorcycle lot, and pedaled it around, they wont let you ride a motorcycle in there, I got some looks because I was pedaling. LOL.
PS: I shut the engine off and rode on the sidewalks that way I could avoid the lines. Snicker snicker.


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I was out in the garage tonight and thought I would look at the clock on the Green Hornet, how about true speed. What do you think about 36.5! I ran it up till I didn't like the feel, you know a bicycle at high speed (look Out I think that lady is going to open that door), that speed. Still having fun, Dave


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Egor - nice work; truly a cool looking bike! Besides, the name says it all.... :cool:
Took the Green Hornet out again today. Found a hill that was the limit for climbing, Signal Hill. I had to assist the engine up to the top. It was a beautiful day, short sleeve weather. Took a pic in the sun, it was just shining. Have fun Dave
Pic of the bike and the hill.


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Dave, that's a gorgeous machine... love that '60's metallic green.

What carb is that? Mikuni? I need a seat like that.

I'm tossing around ideas for a chamber... found a pocket bike piece that's 80% of what I need and it's not plated! A welder friend and I are gonna brainstorm with it after the holidays.

Again, bee-yoo-tiful bike!


As soon as I can get a good roof rack for the car, I'll bring the bike down and ride witcha!