Greenspeed GTO recumbent trike with staton chain drive honda 50cc build thread.

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by bodhi, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. bodhi

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    I am building a motorized recumbent trike. The base trike in a greenspeed gto. It has 20'' wheels, two in the front and one in the back. hope hydroic disc brakes in the front and no brakes in the rear. The frame is cromoly steel.
    I ordered a Staton chain drive kit with a Honda gxh 50. It has a 22 tooth sprocket at the hub and on the gear box. For my new rear wheel I am having a 20" velocity tai pan rim laced to the Staton hub with 36 12g spokes. I also got wald folding rear baskets and a old model bob trailer to make up for losing the use of my rear racks.
    I have had to modify the mounts quite a bit to get it to fit this bike, err well trike. First I drilled out an axle bolt hole in the six hole plates. Then I cut the hole into a slot to match the drop outs. Next I drilled holes in the plates to match the eyelets. When the wheel is bolted on and two eyelet screws are in the six hole plates are very solidly fixed to the frame. The eyelets can suport the motor by themselves when the axle bolt is removed to change a tire. The seat stays on my trike are too far apart for the U bracket to fit so I cut a longer backing plate and a front plate to make up for the extra width. The U bracket bolts directly on the front plate and the seat stays a clamped between the front and back plates.

    I will take some photos and continue this discription tomorrow

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    cool...tell us more.....
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    welcome aboard bodi,

    thats sounds like a beauty of a bike you are going to end up with, you will love that honda engine tons of power, with the right sproket set it should fly for you and make sure you install a kill switch up front for your engine.

    looking forward to seeing your pics,
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    Cool, another tadpole. We need pictures. Tadpoles are sooo comfortable.
  5. bodhi

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    A few pictures of the trike before the motor

    reflectors are your friend :D

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  6. bodhi

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    A few more pics of the motor half mounted

    This is what the rack looks like at the moment. I still need to get my wheel built. My wheel builder has been very helpful with my unusual requests. Several shops said they could not get the rims I wanted but Anthony at got it for me with out a problem he has been helping me figure the spacing of the hub also. Greenspeeds are very well engineered the rear triangle is off centered so that the rear wheel can be built without a dish. This means the spokes are the same length on both sides and the same tension. undished wheels are stronger because both sides take an equal load. The new wheel will have to be fitted to the nonstandard frame. Anthony's shop is just a short ride from my apartment here in Wilmington NC so it was very handy for me but he also does a lot of mail order stuff to if anyone is looking for a wheel built he is a great guy.

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  7. Alaskavan

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    How did you set up the throttle, etc.? And do you ride it around in the city?
  8. bodhi

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    I am having trouble with the throttle cable being sticky, I dont have any tight zip ties or sharp bends in the cable. I tried to tighten the spring but I think that may have messed up the throttle linkage, now it revs up to high when I start it. I have not ridden the motored verison yet but I ride it motorless around town alot.
  9. Alaskavan

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    The throttle should be an easy problem to resolve. I don't have to deal with city driving here (we have 1 four-way stop). It was a serious adrenamine rush when I rode in downtown Seattle in rush hour. I've only had one car start to pull out in front of me before he saw me, not much different from a regular bike. My big worry is someone crashing because they are so busy looking at the trike.
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    Is the OP still monitoring this thread? If so, please PM me so that I can get some info about the adapter plate for the rear frame to allow the use of a BOB trailer with the GTO.

    I have a GTO (non-motorized) and want to use a BOB with it. Thanks.