Greetings all from "Silverstreak"


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Jan 29, 2008
I'm new to this forum but have been active in others for some time now. So far I have owned over 21 various motorcycles (and had 54 cars so far) but presently have two Whizzers - a '52 Pacemaker with a 700 engine and a '47 Model H with the H engine. I also have a 100th Anniversary Harley Road King Classic that I enjoy riding when the season permits (Canada Eh!).

I will be retiring in about 5 months and have considered selling one or both Whizzers to concentrate on doing some touring on the Harley or changing rides to a newer model. Time will tell.

Both my Whizzers are restored and I do fire them up occassionally to take a turn or two around the block to keep then operational. I have been involved with Whizzers for about 14 years now and had four at one time but have paired down to the two favorite ones which I now have.

As far as motorcycles go I have had one since I was 16 (many years ago now!).

I look forward to checking in with this forum regularly and furthering my enjoyment through its knowledgeable participants.

Rob AKA "Silverstreak":D
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Welcome to MBc. We have some real wizards in here when it comes to whizzers!