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    Introductions ! Hmmm... I currently live in Eugene , Oregon . This town has quite a reputation regarding bicycles! We have a huge network of bike paths all over the city , several riding clubs , and miles and miles of forest roads, meadow lands , and on and off road bike tour routes. It is 100 miles to the ocean from here ,and I can think of several routes that are well maintaned just for bicyclists. I think that is my main reason for buying a gas assist - I really used to love to bike all over this country , but older age and creaky joints have eroded away at that for the last 20 years. Now I am ready to vroom vrooom!!!! We have lots of wineries in this part of the country,and there are always wine tours and art festivals happening on the weekends. I think I may just bicycle my way up and down this valley and partake of the good spirits in my golden years.
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    Hi Tom,
    These bike really increase the quality of life. You can go faster and easier than you ever imagined.