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    Hello there everyone. I am Teo McDohl and I'm a newly born motored bicycle enthusiast. I recently purchased a "No Name" 4-stroke kit off of ebay, a bicycle, and started slapping the two together!

    I began with little to no knowledge and experience in the mechanical field. I googled and youtubed and pinged my pipe fitter/ welder/ mechanic/ * / * / * father enough to get myself through the project and picked up a dang fine bit of knowledge along the way.

    The first bike didn't have a large enough space to fit the motor, the second had the space, but it was too low and the pedals didn't clear the motor. The third was juuuuust right and I managed to do the full install with success. After some fine tuning I began to ride.

    I probably put on about 5-6 hours of ride time before the cent. clutch busted a spring and (based on the "black dust" that fills the compartment now) grinded down the shoes of the 3 shoe clutch to near nothingness. Since I didn't think to look at it beforehand, I don't know what it looks like normally and there is a LOT of black dust.

    I have owned it for about 6 days now and am about to move over to the Cent. Clutch forums to address my issue.

    Anyhow, that's my story :)