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    Suppose its useful to do the whole intro thing, but I admit it does give me minor flashbacks as a kid of having to stand in front of the class and do the same.:grin5:

    This is Gobisox in Ohio. Just "finished" my first build but get the strong feeling that it will never be completely "done". I've wandered the archives of this forum for several months and found them invaluable and thus decided to join. Despite the good advice, it seems the bike was at least partially forged under the heated blasts of words normally found on golf courses and bowling alleys, but now she's purring couldn't be better. . . just in time for winter. sigh. I'm hardly a gear-head and learning as I go.

    The build is based on 49cc China Girl with a balloon tire cruiser. Definitely a retro flair. Not looking to break any land speed records but more to do my Grandfathers motoring goggles proud.


  2. Fabian

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    Hi Gobi

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hey Gobi, I'm with ya on researching this forum and these bikes - looks like it'll be a real hoot...Steve
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    Thanks Guys.
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    Welcome to the forum. You don't need a lot of mechanical skills to install and troubleshoot these motorized bikes.
    They are great to learn on. No points to set in the ignition and there are no electronic sensors and controls.
    If it doesn't start, the problem is gas or ignition (just like cars in the good ol' days).
  6. Gobisox

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    Thanks Wheelbender.

    I feel I've already made strides just plowing through the mistakes. Thankfully, Nothing that couldn't be fixed or needed an extinguisher - yet.