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    ...Wow security's tight here... thought I was building a space shuttle for a minute- not a

    Okay, I'll try to be good.

    Kelly in Fla. Building a sidecar rig. 'Hope to get it done by the time Social Security runs out...

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  2. srdavo

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    awesome looking project!!

    How do you like that stretched cruiser?

    welcome to MBc.

  3. biken stins

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    Good start. Did you use plans you found somewhere or they yours ?
    Did you give any thought to putiing fiberglass over mesh to make it lighter ?
    Well Done.
  4. kpratt66

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    Off the cuff...

    Hey all-
    This was just something I came up with- back of napkins-etc...
    I wanted the sidecar to be " the real-deal", if you will- I'd thought about a military-style rig- or early 30's. The sheetmetal definitely beefed things up a bit. I've seen some neat designs on the web using painted canvas, 'glass etc... I know it's a trade-off with the metal...If I sell the thing I think the old-world engineering will be an eye-catcher. I've used scrounged materials - pieces of excercise machines, recliners, bikes, etc. for the tubing for the "suspension" on the car. I didn't really design it for human transport- my Boston terrier is my copilot.... and groceries??
    Anyway, I don't weld, and I wanted something that I think could have been built 70 years-ago. So, hence the screws and bolts.
    The bike was purchased online a couple years ago- a no-name frame out of California. The springer front end was from another co. also in So.Cal. I actually sold the bike about a year ago- when I bought a Triumph Tiger that died on me in the middle of a 5,000+ mile trip out west...
    I started the sidecar at the end of November, and by chance saw the guy who I sold it to- I wound up getting it back acouple weeks ago. I wanted the extra wheel-base because of the size and weight of the car- I've seen a number of other examples of the style bike with 'cars, and it just seems to fit.
    I want to get 3" meats all the way around-
    for a little extra grab, as well as a little less bicycle-look (no insult meant..;)
    Sorry for the orientation of some of the pics-
    Will post more as I progress... kp
  5. srdavo

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    I can relate to your philosophy.....I mean....I dig it!! haha

    Please start a Build Thread in Bicycle Repair & Modification so we can watch this beauty come together.

    Not that it matters one lil bit to me, but I gotta ask...... Are you going to motorize it?