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    hello all. I have been looking through this forum for a couple of days and decided that this is one place I want to be. There's almost too much information here.(that's a good thing)

    I don't have a bike yet. I am still in the process of number crunching. I have decided on a 49cc 4 stroke bike kit (no bike though...yet). But this place is crazy with info and I am sure that my first build will be the result of what I find here. I haven't bought anything is tight and I can't do this flirtatiously. I NEED something else beyond a car to commute and a motorized bicycle looks to be the winner.

    I am constantly researching alternatives.

    I guess a "howdy all" is in order

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    welcome. I run a two-stroke. I'll admit that the four-stroke seems tempting.

    But if money is an issue, (and don't worry 'bout that; you're not alone :) why not go with a happy time and just an old bike you can scrounge?

    Your cost will be barely more than two auto fill-ups. You can make that up in almost no time.
  3. on a budget: craigslist

    if you are looking for a bike on a budget check out craigslist, if you are in an area with a good one bikes can be found for next to nothing or even for free if you are willing to work on them. I've found quite a few in my area (North of Boston, MA) for free. I snagged my bike for $65. Check the Free and the Bike sections. It took me a month to find both the bike I wanted and the price I wanted so be patient. Also be aware of what I call the "craigslist flakes" people who don't get back to you, so you've got to put out feelers on 4 or 5 bikes at a time.

    Also if you are in Maine and New Hampshire there is a little magazine called Uncle Henry's. They also have a website now too; which you can search, but to get all the listings you have to subscribe. The magazine is about $2 and available at gas stations and quik-i-marts all over Maine. It's a fantastic resource for cheap stuff.