Greetings everyone

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    QUIKLYONIT New Member

    Hello to all!!

    My name is Mike i live in southern california. I have just picked up what is soon to be my first motor bike (old three wheeler Schwinn style)

    And I foresaw some issues so I felt necessary to look around for any helpful forums here online and stumbled across this great site..

    Love the camaraderie u guys have here and see there's plenty of great info shared as I hope is the info and mechanical knowledge I may share with you all. (Ahhh yes Reciprocation!)

    So see you guys around I'm headed to the Chips and dip table and then to mingle aroud the trikes section ...


  2. professor

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    Hi Mike, you came to the right place. Welcome aboard!
  3. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. The trike builders on this site are very innovative. They may just convert me one day.

    QUIKLYONIT New Member

    Well pleasure to meet u guys and thanks for the warm welcome :)