Greetings Everyone

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    Greetings Everyone.

    Tom, great site with loads of potential - thanks:)
    To everyonr else, came onto the site to browse.
    Who am I? Hamish Smith
    What do I do? I'm a Personal Private Chauffeur / Pastor specialising in Memorial Serrvices and Biblical Fundamental Courses.
    My interest in bicycle conversions was perked by a random article about electric motorcycles...
    Considering the conversion of a mountain bike to either electric or mechanical engine drive...
    I've had the bike for a number of years, and only rode it a few times...
    Looking for a relaxed way to use it, now that the interest has been perked...
    Being a motorcyclist at heart, this is just another aspect of the interest...
    Looking at the options, but although I've seen a number of sites, but few suppliers in South Africa.
    Hopefully, in spite of not really knowing what I'm looking for, I'll find the info within these pages:)

    Again, thanks for the opportunity to join the community:)

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    Howdy and welcome, hope you find all the info you need!
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    thank you

    Thank you Happy Valley.

    Got a lot of ideas, and they all seem good:)
    I trust I will find all I need - if not, I know that asking, I shall receive:)