Greetings Everyone

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    Greetings Everyone.

    Tom, great site with loads of potential - thanks:)
    To everyonr else, came onto the site to browse.
    Who am I? Hamish Smith
    What do I do? I'm a Personal Private Chauffeur / Pastor specialising in Memorial Serrvices and Biblical Fundamental Courses.
    My interest in bicycle conversions was perked by a random article about electric motorcycles...
    Considering the conversion of a mountain bike to either electric or mechanical engine drive...
    I've had the bike for a number of years, and only rode it a few times...
    Looking for a relaxed way to use it, now that the interest has been perked...
    Being a motorcyclist at heart, this is just another aspect of the interest...
    Looking at the options, but although I've seen a number of sites, but few suppliers in South Africa.
    Hopefully, in spite of not really knowing what I'm looking for, I'll find the info within these pages:)

    Again, thanks for the opportunity to join the community:)

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    You are quite welcome here at MBc, Hamish. I am sure that within these Forums and threads you will find what you are seeking. Be sure to read all of the 'Stickies' and intro stuff on each Forum. Read, Read and read some more...take advantage of our search function, and ask questions. Good Luck, and God Bless.