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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mild one, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. mild one

    mild one New Member

    Hi,my chosen name is "mild one".I am a newbie and as yet have no motor for my bike.Am trying to get hold of a Rotary brand bike with motor( made in Australia),however they are horrible expensive.Trying to Ebay a second hand one.Will drop thread when have done so.

  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    Hi Mild, we have quite a few members from your country! Welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    Welcome. I have always felt that kindred spirits live in Australia....Austrailia is to the world as Texas is to the United States....filled with hard working free thinking people.
    (no offence professor.....I also admire the hard working, steady drive of New Yorkers also.)
  4. mild one

    mild one New Member

    Thanks Stan4D

    Thanks for the kind words Stan,I have travelled to the United States twice so far,the last time to New York,Boston and your amazing Capitol, Washington.Had a complete good time.While I was In New York I did stay in Harlem,great people and it was strange being just about the only white face.Sunday in Harlem should be experienced once by everybody.The shopping on 125th street is really something.

    Regards, Wal
  5. mild one

    mild one New Member

    Thanks to Professor

    Hi Professor, Thanks, you and Stan make me feel welcome,also looks like we are around the same age!Oldies rule!
    Will post a motored bike subject as soon as I get hold of one.I have the perfect bike for me but as yet no motor,am ebaying as hard as I can!.

    Love the USA and her people,always have always will.

  6. swifty

    swifty New Member

    welcome to motored bikes m.o. what part of oz are you from?
  7. mild one

    mild one New Member

    Reply to Swifty

    Hi Swifty, Originally from Sydney but have moved up the coast to a seaside town called Forster-Tuncurry.These are 2 small towns joined up by a bridge.I am in the Tuncurry side(which is the best side of course).This place is like paradise to me. The general area is called "Great Lakes" so of course we have lakes,the sea,beaches and just inland a mountain range.
    The area is flat and great for pushbikes but of course I want that little motor to help with the hills and for general fun.And that is the only downside of this place,it is hard to pick up the motor I want without travelling to Sydney(3-4 hours trip) But it looks like I may have to do that.
    Where are you from Swifty?.The Professor and Stan have also replied to me and I forgot to ask where they are from.
    Dont worry if my replies come at strange times as we are on different time zones. Nice to hear from you.

  8. mild one

    mild one New Member

    Extra message for Swifty

    Sorry Swifty just noticed you are a Banana Bender!,Love Brissy to long since I visited the place.

    M.O. (Wal)
  9. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    mildone....I am from Texas. 40 miles south of Dallas in a town called Waxahachie
  10. mild one

    mild one New Member

    to stan 4D

    Hi Stan4D,Well I have been to Texas.Drove thru and stayed in a little place called Central. I was on my way to New Orleans at the time,I came from California and saw a lot of Texas on the way.I was on my honeymoon with my new Wife,this was back in the seventies tho,quite a way back. I do remember that the people we met on the way were really friendly and really interested that we were from Australia,best of all they understood our accent and we never had to repeat anything, I guess we both have a drawl!
    Your Town sounds like it may be small like where I live,Lot to said for small Towns'

    Mild One (Wal)
  11. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    It was but now it has reached 30,000....thinking of moving a little further south to a town of 5,000....have to love the small towns.
  12. mild one

    mild one New Member

    Message for Swifty

    Hi Swifty, I suppose you know about the Qld Government making motored Bikes pay rego and Insurance just like motorbikes. This is a real pity because the bike I want is made by Rotary in QLD. Of course I cannot afford a new one,but would really like a good second hand model. This must have affected you a lot,i am assuming you have a pushbike of some kind. I am watching for any sign of this rubbish in NSW,they like to make stupid laws here to!
    Also I am hoping that Rotary fight this and try to get it reversed,you would think that this could happen just on environmental grounds.Oh well,please let me know if you know of any good rotarys,I could drive up and get one ok and have a look around Brisbane at the same time. I also have a Sister up that way,so I could get in a visit.

    Regards Mild One
  13. mild one

    mild one New Member

    For Stan 4D

    Hi Stan,Yeah you are right there,I still like to go to Sydney for a visit. It is the old story, when you live in a place you never see the tourist stuff,so Sydney for me now is a tourist destination. It is where this Country started and so has all the historic bits,and all the relics of the old convict days,my state is New South Wales and that is how it started. When you guys kicked the English out they had to stop sending their convicts to the USA,so they sent them here,but not complaining, it started this Country off and now here we are sitting in the South Pacific and starting to get big enough to be noticed in the world.

    Anyhow I could never go back to a big city now,where I am is to good.
  14. mild one

    mild one New Member

    to stan 4D

    Hey Stan4d,yeah like a penfriend,no kids tho,all married!.How do you swap addresses tho?
  15. mild one

    mild one New Member

    For Stan4d

    Dont know what happened Stan4d, sent a reply as usual,have you as a friend,that is a great feature!.
    I may have done something wrong,clicked the wrong button or whatever.

    Yes like to be penfriends,also my kids all married now so nobody to write to your Daughter,sorry.

    Hoope you get this ok

    Mild One