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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pernubbin, May 17, 2010.

  1. pernubbin

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    greetings everyone,
    im glad to be aboard the motored bikes forum. i live in tigard oregon and enjoy anthing with 2 wheels and a motor and more.

    my note pads from years past contain sketch's of various motorized bikes and scooters i conjured up in my mind to build. 5 years ago i took my uncles cast off weed eater and adapted the motor to a scooter with a custom built transmission.. it was a blast to build a ride.

    2 years after that, i robbed a 33cc goped motor and adapted it to turn the pedal sprocket of my mountain bike. man what a thrill it is to ride, and change gears to suit riding conditions. on a recent trip from hillsboro to tigard, so many people were slowing down to look, that i was worried they were going to drive off the road.

    im now anxious to join others like me and celebrate these amazing extreme efficiency vehicles. dont know what my mpg is but its gotta be high..

    am interested in any spontaneous rides or gettogethers in portland metro or northwest region..

    jerry aka "pernubbin"

  2. professor

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    Hi Jerry, welcome to Motoredbikes! Got any pics of your creations?