Greetings from bike fan in GA

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    Hi, All

    My wife and I like bikes of all sorts. I have a Trek Mountain Bike that I intend to motorize, and a Goldrush recumbent that I might motorize! We love to camp too. We live on our daughter and son-in-law's farm, though we are working on part-timing in the mountains. And we love scuba diving. I think that's about it!

    Looking forward to learning from you all, and hopefully one day having something to share that you haven't all heard already LOL

    Best regards,


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    Welcome to the forum.You may be able to frame mount an engine on the Trek but the recumbent will probably require a rear rack mount kit. Do a lot of reading on this site before ordering a kit.
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    Welcome to the form .
    As far as haven something new, that's the best thing about MB's, they all are new and all are different 1 of a kind works of art.
    What other from of transportation can say that about?

    1 warning when you do finish your build, and take it out riding , something you will learn quick is to always add 10-30 minutes to your trip time , because almost every place you stop to shop, eat ,and or play there will be someone there that will ask so many questions about your 1 of a kind baby, and you get to smile and answer them, and tell them all about your baby, they will even want to take pictures of your baby. it happens to me and ever other MB rider, 98% of the time. I got to say I never get tired of it love it love it, almost as much as riding my baby