Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  1. Borromeo

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    Dear people, I'm Marcelo Shulman, 49, married, four children and I bought a chinese ebike kit. I instaled it on a MTB, you can see it here =>
    I want to ask you about: What's the meaning of that chinese words and how I can improve its speed (about 15 mi/h)?

  2. echotraveler

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    bienvenido amigo,
    welcome to MB

    your bike looks neet, ive seen those chinese electric with letters, always wondered how well they performed. How long can you ride it before recharge?
  3. Borromeo

    Borromeo New Member

    Gracias pibe...

    I don't know the meaningful of "neet", I charged the batteries only two times and I rode about 10 miles, hope that after some charges the autonomy can increase...
  4. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    neet..maybe i mispelled...maybe its neat

    bueno la cosa es que se ve limpia la instalacion. Thubms up....

    10 millas es bastante
  5. Borromeo

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    Bueno ya que hablas español puedo contarte algunas cosas más y trataré de traducirlo también al inglés. Yo vivo en Villa Lugano, que es un barrio que está en el extremo sudoeste de la ciudad de Buenos Aires y con 10 millas me alcanza para ir sólo hasta el centro de la ciudad... los sábados a la tarde salgo a pasear por la zona norte de Buenos Aires, la más bonita, y hago a veces hasta 60 Km (38 millas), tú sabes, los médicos recomiendan hacer ejercicio para bajar el colesterol...

    Well you can speak Spanish and I tell you some things and also try to translate it into English.

    I live in Villa Lugano, a district that is in the extreme southwest of Buenos Aires and 10 miles with me enough to just go to the downtown of the city ... Saturday afternoon I ride out to the north of Buenos Aires, the most beautiful, and I sometimes ride up to 60 kilometers (38 miles), you know, the doctors recommend exercise to lower cholesterol ...
  6. echotraveler

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    hope you enjoy riding that MB! i miss Buenos Aires!
  7. Borromeo

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    Cuando vengas, comeremos asado en mi casa...

    When you come we'll eat asado in my house...
  8. Esteban

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    It looks like your bike may be a heavy one. The lighter the weight, the faster. But, I wouldn't expect anything over about 20mph. Keep riding it & recharging th battery , & the top speed & distance traveled will probably go up just a little.
  9. Borromeo

    Borromeo New Member

    Yes Esteban, I agree with you and these tyres aren't flat or slick, they are for MTB, harder for move...
  10. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Put narrower tires on it,,, IF the roads in your area are good.
  11. 2lazy2pedal

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    hola hermano Argentino
    che areglaron los calles ?

    hey argi bro have they fixed the streets ?
  12. seanhan

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    Hola Borromeo, Nice E-Bike
    I used to Live in Mar-Del Plata when I was a kid it was nice.
    Welcome to MBC !!!
  13. Borromeo

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    No, pibe, lo único que arreglan acá son las coimas...

    No, kid, all we are here arranged bribes ...
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  14. Borromeo

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    Dear people, I fixed a wiring mess, now its runs at 32-33 kmph (20 mph) =:-0
  15. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    Great Bro!!!

    yo voy a comenzar con mi proyecto este fin de semana...deseame suerte
  16. Borromeo

    Borromeo New Member

    Arturo, supongo que allí en Puerto Rico debe ser más fácil de comprar un kit de 2T, 4T o eléctrico, ¿no?
  17. eastwoodo4

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  18. Borromeo

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    I must measure it again...