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  1. CalgarysFool

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    Please allow me to introduce myself/
    I'm a man (without) wealth and charm....

    I couldn't resist paraphrasing the Rolling Stones song.

    My name is Brenton, I live and work in Calgary, AB, and came across this forum after reading a piece in the local paper about electric bikes as an alternate method of commuting. Cheep, fun, green, and as traffic congestion only increases, sure to become increasingly time-effective as well as cost-effective.

    I am seriously considering changing up for my 11 km commute to work. I'm open to gas or electric options. I must say how impressed I am by you courageous home builders, and such nice results on so many of them.... I don't think I want to build my first one, at least.

    Those spooky bikes, over on the left of the screen, look very nice to my eye. I'm surprised they are so affordable. I've read favorable comments.

    I look forward to learning more from the collected wisdom here. Hope you all have a fine fine day.



  2. NunyaBidness

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    hey Brenton, welcome aboard
    there is a lot of info here, as you've, no doubt, already noticed.
    good luck and happy motoring
  3. CalgarysFool

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    Hey, Nun-ya-bi'ness,

    Thanks for the welcome. A lot of info indeed. So much to sift through, I think I'll just post 40 or 50 questions instead.... ;-)

    I'm delighted to have found my way here, have already learned some good stuff from lurking and searching for a week or so, and look forward to maybe being able to participate here in a meaningful way before too long.


  4. stude13

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    hey fool; welcome. dont be intimidated some kits like gebe and staton can be ridden within an hour of opening the box. i am biased but i believe either with a subaru arethe nuts and they are 4 stroke and more expensive. you will get what you pay for. good luck. mitch
  5. Aaron

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    hey brent, I've been looking at spooky's too they look like pretty nice engines and reliable.
  6. CalgarysFool

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    Hey Aaron,

    I just saw your post 10 seconds ago, and was gonna email you... Pretty funny.

    I've read a few comments that their customer service is outstanding, and a couple comments that their bikes are nice.

    I've also read they use Happy Time engines and, elsewhere, that "Happy Time" must be what Freud called a "reaction formation" -- sad time? Put me outta my misery now time? Pretty crummy.

    Anyway, I wrote to the Spooky lads to enquire -- of course they will reiterate what's on their site -- they've picked engines that are reliable.

    But I'm pretty much ready to order one of those sweet chrome dresser models. I just wanna do my due diligence first.

    Anything you've learned would be welcome news to me, as I'm brand new to this.


  7. Aaron

    Aaron New Member

    I'm going to order an engine from spookys and put it on a bike from walmart probably I'm not to big on thier models on spookys..and prices of the bikes lol but the low riders are pretty cool, I've heard tons of people got happy time engines im just not shure how good they are...

  8. Madwack

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    Greets dude

    welcome to ...the forums

    I am in calgary also

    I ride around on a stretched OCC.....dont do far as im concerned ...they fer the old folks and clowns...serious..only people i see using electric bikes are old people....and a clown had one on 8th ave during gas engines are fer US..:)).... get an 80cc cops cant tell the diff :)

    if u wanna see my bike...leave me a message......and one weekend u can check it out.....


    if i say go fer a ride..from anderson station to the airport....Electric bike never make it unless carry many extra batteries....gas engine ..there and back with gas to spare :) weeeeee and with electric u will be pedaling alot more

    a pic from the bikes construction phase :)


    you can buy that black chopper in calgary in yellow or black at i think fer 350$....if yer into shocks so is like riding a horse....hay horses are fun!!!
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  9. CalgarysFool

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    Hey Maddy

    Thanks for your reply. That bike looks really nice -- All you need now are some "highway pegs" to get your legs up, to reduce your drag profile. While I like the look, I think it's a bit young for my almost 45 years.

    That black engine looks especially good with the black bike!

    As I'm new to all this, can you tell me how does local law enforcement respond to you? And are you allowed to ride on bike paths, or do you have to keep away from those?

    I'm seriously looking at the Spooky bikes for my first MB. Plan to commute from Brentwood to Rockyview Hospital where I work.

    Good advice on the electrics. Thanks. I think I'll pretty much strike those off my consideration list at this point.


  10. Madwack

    Madwack Member

    nd are you allowed to ride on bike paths
    + cruising at 40-45km an hour is no place fer a bike on the paths..roads get u there faster

    even electric arent to go on those

    I do however after 11pm go riding on those paths hehe ME BAD!!!!....but they pretty **** empty...and i got nice i love riding the paths late at night..ussually get home at about 1am

    and hey im 42....dont act yer age !!!!

    im 29!!!!

    the cops have never stopped me once or any of my friends(2) 80 cc riders


    in alberta what I am riding is concidered a POWER BICYCLE
    50cc max speed 35km no reg, No licsence...No insurance....Cough!! :)

  11. CalgarysFool

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    Hey Maddy,
    Thanks for the follow up. Good point about the bikepath. I'll have to give some thought to the Crowchild to Shaganappi part of my journey for 3:30 to 4:30 every afternoon -- not late enough to stay out of trouble on the bikepath. Better consult a good map, or do some scouting.

    I'm glad to hear you've had no hassles over the bike. I've only seen one of these things in Calgary, and when I did I was so amused I wanted to stop the guy and ask him about it, but thought it must be illegal, and he surely wouldn't appreciate being so conspicuous.

    What a delight it is, with gas getting so outrageous, to learn these bikes are legal .
  12. Proboscis

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    Cool! more Calgary members. Welcome aboard to the forums.
  13. Born2BWild

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    Hi, I'm in Calgs and I just finished (today!) my Pacific Coast Chopper with the 2 stroke Ebay motor. Runs great in our +10 C weather on Jan 30th..!!

    Here's the info on 'motorized bicycles' in Alberta - no lic, no ins, BUT you need a DOT motorcycle helmet. The clutch is a sticky point as it does have one, and also might be overweight (it's a heavy bike), not sure about the 35 kph yet (too icy and gravelly):

    A power bicycle is defined as follows in the:
    Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation.
    1(o): "power bicycle" means a vehicle that
    (i) may be propelled
    (A) by human muscular power,
    (B) by mechanical power, or
    (C) partly by human muscular power and partly by mechanical power,
    (ii) is fitted with pedals that are continually operable to propel it,
    (iii) has a motor that produces not more than 750 watts and that is driven
    by electricity or has an engine with a displacement of not more than
    50 cubic centimetres,
    (iv) does not have a hand-operated or foot-operated clutch or gearbox
    driven by the motor that transfers power to the driven wheel,
    (v) does not have sufficient power to enable it to attain a speed greater
    than 35 kilometres per hour on level ground within a distance of 2 kms from a standing start, and
    (vi) weighs not more than 35 kilograms .

    Note: Some vehicles may appear to be power bicycles. However, if they exceed the weight of 35 kg or the speed of 35 km/h, then they do not fall into the power bike classification and are, instead, considered mopeds.
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  14. CalgarysFool

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    Greetings, 'Wild,

    Do you have a pic of your chopper?

    I just don't know what to think about that clutch stipulation. That would seem to make us illegal. Then again, BC law is similar, I understand, and a casual conversation I had with a prosecutor there revealed that they see these things as bicycles -- he even thought we might be able to get away with ridding a Whizzer (what are they, 138cc engines?).

    I'm not sure about the speed limit thing. My bike will do about 48kph right now, but ... what's meant by a standing start? Motor only? I can't get it up to 35km if I don't peddle it to get it going. I dunno. Maybe I'm trying to quibble too much there.

    Perhaps it's a good reason to not have a speedo on the thing, and always remember the magic number, 35, if questioned about it. (I doubt a cop would jump on and ride it to see how fast it goes.
  15. CalgarysFool

    CalgarysFool Member

    Geez, now I'm thinking I might take my bike out for a spin. Haven't ridden it since the snow first flew.

    I could do a breakfast run down to my favorite Hillhurst diner.
  16. Born2BWild

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    Here's a pic of the bike, with the fresh snow my winter riding has been curtailed, but I did take it out 5-6 times in Feb 09.

    I raised the handlebars with a homemade iron cross about 8". It is steel and very strong - made from 2 pieces of 3/16" x 4" x 8" welded together at a slight angle, with a top and bottom square with 4 holes for the handlebar hardware to bolt on.

    The seat has a removable extension too, raises it about 8" so I can pedal more comfortably.

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  17. CalgarysFool

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    Nice work, there, 'Wild!

    I was gonna take mine out for a spin one day, then decided it was just too cold!

    Soon enough, though.
  18. POPS

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    You guys in Cal can get around the RULES about the clutch thing by going to and buying their centrafugal clutch kit and a pull start. Now it's an automatic. As far as the BC thing goes your toast if they catch you on a gas powered bicycle! You can go threw 2 years of jumping threw hoops(I know a guy that did it)and a couple of K later and they might let you put it on the road BUT only as a MOPED=Lic,Ins...Etc. 8 Bikes got confiscated last year in Victoria and they all got fines of 5K+...POPS
  19. CalgarysFool

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    OUch, Pops,

    That's nasty. I thought they just left our bikes alone in BC. Pretty harsh penalties you're observing there.
  20. Born2BWild

    Born2BWild New Member

    That is cool, add-ons already - this must be a problem.
    Plus a tilted spark plug head (JET HEAD) for more power, baby..!!

    I don't think the pull start will fit on my bike, there's only about 1/4" clearance for the pedals now. And for what it takes to start this motor, I'd never get it going by hand. It's cold and a new engine - hopefully it will get better (or die completely?) I wonder how long that centri-clutch will last, or how well it would work.

    I'm going to put some lettering on the lever - S T A R T - and claim that's the just the start lever and the kill switch is the stop button.

    I hope they got warnings first - before that drastic action. People don't mind laws - as long as the laws are enforced fairly - and feel that they were aware of the rules. The law can't just swoop in and not expect some kind of a backlash. It's a lot of work, but 8 people can do a lot of damage to a government who thinks they can just act with impunity. You can't fight city hall but you CAN get 'em all fired.