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    I found this site Via You tube after watching the video "Motorized Bicycle Ruff Rider". I had heard about this site from the guy who sold me my CH80 engine (Chris hi:cool:ll).

  2. Mopedamauter79

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    hey moped
    welcome to the site
    there sure is a lot of great info around here and the people seem real nice too
    that was weird the dude just spammin links in your intro post:rolleyes:
    maybe a mod can delete it
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    CH80 kit

    Hi, I'm new here as well, I bought one of Christopher's kits too, good motor!
    The mounting hardware wasn't great though, very poor quality, I ended up replacing many nuts & bolts, but everything eles was great, including the price.
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    That would have to be my own complaint. The mounting isn't very good and you end up having to grind the frame down some just to be able to fit it on a normal bike frame. Have you got it to idle ? Mine will only Idle when the engine is really heated up..I'm the process of installing the motor on a new frame. I had a bolt snapped off when it got cranked to tight because the M6 I used was to long. I have 2 bolts holding the motor on very snug. The 3 bolt is in the motor and attached to the bracket that goes under the frame. My GF and I found a smaller m6 and JB welded it to the snapped bolt. We also put some around the 3 bolt so it would actually be contacted to the frame. To be even more sure it wont come off we put some of the stuff on the 2 main bolts as well to help prevent them from vibrating off. I have a punch, screw extractor and drill bit made for drilling into steal in case the cold weld doesn't work and I need to get that snapped bolt out.
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    Yes, I was extra careful with the motor mount studs, as that is a chore to drill out & retap, but that is the best way to solve your problem in my opinion.
    I ended up drilling slightly larger holes on the chain sproket & roller tensor & used American standard nuts & bolts, & I have more faith in that setup.

    If I were to ever snap a motor mount stud, I would drill & retap, but I would also be careful how much bigger I would go with the size on those as it might effect the clearance to your frame.

    I ended up fileing the front motor mount spacer's radius a bit bigger to fit the frame as opposed to using that adapter Chris supplied, because my front frame rail was only a very little bit bigger than the mount.
    This resulted in a lower mounting point & worked out quite well actually.

    Chris is a good guy, & was very willing to answer any questions, he also offered to supply me with new hardware, but I have access to all sorts here.

    My motor idles great, maybe it's just a slight adjustment in the jetting I would ask Chris about that.

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    my ch80 is in the mail and i can't wait