Greetings from central PA..

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HybridHaro, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. HybridHaro

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    Hi all,

    Long time follower to this forum. I finally decided to make it official and join up.

    I started playing around with the ht kits about a year ago. My first one is a 49cc on a 1982 Schwinn World Tourist. It took about two months to get the whole thing dialed in for summer. Then, I put 2k miles on it in about 3 months. That bike is running great (thanks to tips Ive pulled from this forum). I did treat it to a winter cleaning and new piston and rings. I work on Italian cars, so you can say I'm schooled in electric and reliability issues. Lol! I can't think of any other means of transport that can be had so cheaply. A vehicle that hauled me around 2k for less than 150 bucks?

    This lead up to yet another build on a mountain bike frame. That one is still in the works. I'm setting it up with a set of studded tires later today in order to do some off road, snow ridin'. Plenty of mountain trails around these parts.

    My third bike is built on a 20" Haro Dave Mirra 540 Air. The bike runs off both electric and gas. I'll post pics and details on that build in the appropriate section. That bike is the probably the most fun and easiest to keep up.

    Anyway, glad to be aboard!


  2. professor

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    Hi Ryan, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    I am also doing a gas/elect.
  3. HybridHaro

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    thanks, Prof!

    So the question is:

    Should I be posting build questions to the "rack mount" or "electric" sections? Lol!

  4. buck

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    Welcome aboard to a fellow Pa. biker. Plenty of winter weather right now & the Punxsutawney rodent says that we have 6 more weeks to get our bikes ready for spring.