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  1. wickett

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    hi guys my name is Casey and this is my first post. :sweatdrop:

    i have been lurking about; looking up info on building a motorized bicycle. ive owned 2 mopeds, a x18 super mid-bike, dirt bikes and a gsxr 600.

    currently have none but i cant live long without being on 2 wheels. so i opted to build a project till i buy another bike (looking for a 2004 zx6r around 3k)

    maybe its the riding position or comfort but i haven't seen too many road bikes motorized. Regardless I'm building one

    it was free, its original name was a murray eliminator 10spd roadbike
    this is what it looks like now stripped of decals. wiped down and new ties.


    Havn't found a rack around here that will fit but its going on

    the engine kit is a 48cc black stallion that will be here on friday, unfortunately its going to the shop to get a new rim installed, along with adjusting the brakes and rear de-railer.

    im super exited about this fun build and will update the pics this weekend.:grin5:

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    That bike looks like it'll be okay. It won't be the strongest bike ever made, so you'll want to ride gently. But I'm kinda fond of those Murrays, Huffys, Roadmasters, etc. I'd be happy to ride one of those.

    One of my builds started out as a ten-speed. I was able to, just barely, squeeze a mountain bike wheel and tire onto the rear. Up front I switched the fork with a shock absorber type (very, very helpful on an MB) from a cheap department store bike. Put straight handlebars on it and had a fine motor assisted bicycle. It wasn't hard at all.

    That bike is now done. The only reason, though, is that I discovered that the rear chain-stays had rusted through.

    I'm glad I looked, by the way. It could have been dangerous.
  3. wickett

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    Haa! yea it was a road bike styled bike yet has a steel frame thats pretty tough. witch also led to the decision to go with the smaller engine. I can't wait to start the build but the weekend is still far away. alas, i'll have it finished b4 monday. Depending on how it goes, i may grow an addiction and build better ones with select purposes.i can never leave something alone i have to mod everything i own lol.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    "I have to mod everything I own"

    So, you're a tinkerer at heart? Then you've found the right place, and you can believe that. :)
  5. wickett

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    haa yea i like building things, installing my own parts. building computers. im about 5 days away from going to train for my ACMT. ill only be in austin for like a week, but i kind-of want to finish the build b4 then. new rim installed today along with adjusting the de-railers and brakes. The motor should be on the door tomorrow. super exited. i'm hoping this little 48 cc will get me to at least 30-mph if not its cool. i may just build another one later. im about 6ft tall 188lbs. so we will see.:helmet: will update with pics when the motor gets here.