Greetings from Grand Rapids, Michigan!

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    Hey guys! My name is Zach and I live in Michigan. I'm 18 years old and about to start college soon going into natural resources management (quite fitting for this forum i.e. saving gas, right?) :devilish:

    I'm a bicycle guy but recently had the desire to put a 66cc engine on my board track bike which built from frame up; I found the frame at a scrap yard (1960s Spaceliner frame).

    I'm into old Indian motorcycles but what are the chances of getting one of those? So I just built mine to look old. The handlebars are off of a 1936 Schwinn Excelsior, I have 1950s truss rods, old Brooks saddle, non-reflective '68 Schwinn pedals, etc.

    I'm getting a 36T sprocket and a performance carburetor so I can hit higher speeds.

    Anyways, here is my bike. It still needs some work but not much.


    It seems as if there is endless information on this site -- very detailed threads that I have used and already benefited from. Thanks!

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    Hey Zach...I am up in Traverse City. My Whizzer and Indian Scout were both abandoned piles of junk when I got them. The nice thing is, after pricing Indian parts,
    the other projects seem practically free in comparison.
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    Greetings sweersz and tprjj49707. I am also from Michigan and I am just looking to connect with other Michigan MB builder/riders. That's a pretty slick looking spaceliner!

    I'm finishing up my first build, any Michigan based MB info/advice you have for me would be great.

    here's my bike. I really like the look of the old board track racers and hope to someday restore/build one. I have little to no experience with motors, nor the cash for a board tracker, so in the mean time this will do.