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    Hi!! New in the community, I have just finished my motorized bicycle !!!!

    The time to construct this was 4 days, and the result is EXELLENT!!!!

    There is a 35cc 2-stroke motor (from a kraut grass trimmer) with 78mm auto-clutch (modified) bringing out 1.2 bhp. you may not be satisfied how fast it goes from the videos, but bear in mind that my fat body has a 110 kg weight....
    I am sure that if i was 20 to 30kg less it would go a lot faster!!!!

    It's speed (with me on board,) is adout 45 km/h downhill (max) and uphill, 20 km/h (max).

    I am so satisfied from this project, because the motor is used for about 2 years, and the whole project costed me about 100 euro (about 80 u.s. dollars)

    Here are some pictures, and videos from youtube. Feel free to make comments good, and bad.

    mbc help.jpg



    Hope you will like it. My second one will be on an aluminium bicycle and using a mitsubishi tle 43. Enjoy!!!!

    Videos from youtube to come....
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    Very resourceful, how far is your commute, is that a Radio in the Basket?
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    Welcome to MBc

    Can you edit your pics. so it don't go to a url and into all these other advertisings please ?

    You may want try a thumbnail software if the pics are too large cos they come up slow and not clear.

    Great to see you made it here !

    All the Best

    BoltsM ( vithes ke paximathia !)
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    May i say that i am 17 years old????
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