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  1. tjdmobile

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    I finally did it, purchased a new friction drive from Staton-Inc, thanks to this site. Ordered on Friday and started prepping my mountain bike for it with new road tires, oiled chain, seat post rack, etc. Bike looks good even before I throw that Robin-Subaru on there.

    My biggest concern is how to secure the motor to the bike so it's not stolen. Unlike the kits that mount the engine to the frame, this is a 5-10 minute job to install, and probably about that to remove it too. Scary thought, will be in the bike rack at work all day.

    Anyway, thanks for the great community. Waiting on Fedex to deliver is going to kill me slowly for sure.


  2. Barret

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    Hey Thom - welcome to the board! I have been absent for quite some time, but just today I got my bike put back together and was back on the road in NO time! I'm really looking forward to having some great rides this summer!!

    I'm from Boise, and as time passes, I've seen more and more motoredbikes on the road around town. For the last 5 years, I think my count is up to 15, but I could be wrong. Needless to say, I saw a dude riding one while driving back to the house with my family (wife and two boys, 4 and 7) this afternoon, and that lit the fire under me to dust mine off and get it running again!

    In what part of Idaho are you located?

    Good to have you on here; make sure to post pics of your bike once it's all finished!

  3. bigkahuna

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    Good choice! I got my kit from Staton last Weds. and finished tweaking it yesterday. My bike is a little out of the ordinary so it took a bit more tweaking than what is typical I think. I've attached a photo of it from last week. The final result looks pretty much the same.

    As far as security goes, I've read that you can run a bike cable through the FD (above the roller) and that will slow down the thief a fair bit. The roller and bearings are press fit so he wouldn't be able to get it apart unless he either cut the cable or destroyed the FD.

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  4. rustycase

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    That's a nice, clean rig, Bk !
  5. tjdmobile

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    I'm from here in Boise. I walk up Bannock (from where the SUV gets to park) to work downtown and a couple times have seen a dude on his MB zip up the street and decided I must have one. I have a sport bike I ride with a whole lot more HP than these have, but miss the old days when I had a scooter (old Honda 80 Aero). This is going to be a blast. Plan to commute on it, and hit some of the old gravel roads out in Owyhee County. Hope it doesnt vibrate apart on me!
  6. tjdmobile

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    Got the motor today and took a half day at work so I could start to assemble and play! The only thing that doesn't work is the kill switch, so I have to work on the engine grounding to the frame, I suspect. Took all of two hours, because I was being careful. Could have thrown together in less than a half hour if I was really serious about getting that thing done :)

    Smiles a-plenty on the first 10 mile ride. 24 mph on the flats, and when pumping, I could get up pretty steep grades at about 20 (fast as I could pedal). Love my friction drive (7/8" roller)

    Here's my Picasa Album - new colt in the stables!
  7. Barret

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    Thom - very good looking bike! My favorite part is the fact that you hung your laptop bag opposite the engine. I haven't used mine for any commuting (yet), but maybe someday when I feel confident enough to do just that. I live out in unincorporated Ada County (Lake Hazel & Maple Grove area), but it's only 6 miles into town where I work. The only problem is that I need very quick and reliable transportation for my job, since I sometimes drive out to Meridian to visit our main client, and I'm not ready to consider my bike "very quick and reliable" for that distance.

    Looks like it will work out great as a commuter for you (as well as a fun toy)! :2thumbsup:

  8. bigkahuna

    bigkahuna Member

    Looks good! The kill switch requires an electrical path from where ever the button is attached to the engine mount. I just mounted the kill switch to the FD mounting bracket, works perfectly.
  9. tjdmobile

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    Me too! Small world! Moonridge Phase 2 :) 11 miles each way for me Barret, but I get to stay in one place for work (for now). Commuting on bicycle is a gas saver and parking saver - I have to pay to park where I work. Only part of the commute that sucks is Cole.

    bigkahuna, Yes, I plan to reroute the switch and leave it by the motor. I have a kill switch on my MC, can't say I ever use it. It's there for emergencies I think.

  10. Barret

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    Yes, Cole is TERRIBLE! I try to avoid it at all costs, car or bike...especially in front of Costco and the Overland intersection. At my last job, I worked downtown in one spot, but didn't have the bike in perfect working order then, so I didn't take it to work.

    We should get together and ride sometime this summer....