Greetings from Indiana

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  1. Motormaker

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    Hello all. I have been at this motored bike thing for a few months now. I have built 2 that I am ok with. And several others that didn't work well enough to suit me. I tinker a lot.
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  2. stude13

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    hi motormaker; welcome. could we see that little side pusher? mitch
  3. Motormaker

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    Here ya go
    This is a 26-inch " La Jolla cruiser" from Wal-Mart. I chose it for it's coaster brakes and no cables, gear changers etc. I like a clean look. It is an aluminum frame, which is a bonus. I used a 3.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. A go-kart style centrifugal clutch was used with #35 chain. The "side pusher" type design track's very well. The small tire takes all the weight of the engine so it doesn't feel heavy when riding.
    These photos were taken before I installed a twist grip mini-bike throttle and a handle bar mounted kill switch.
    The motor assembly pivots where it mounts to the bike. You lean to turn just like a normal bike with two wheels. The wheel-motor will move in a scissor type action as you lean.
    The bike will let you know if you take off to aggressively. The lack of weight on the drive tire will cause it to buck and bounce wildly. However if you give it 4 or 5 quick turns of the pedals then keep a light hand on the throttle she will buzz along at about 24 mph for miles and miles. MM
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  4. stude13

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    i just cant get over the possibilities and simplicity.
  5. Motormaker

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    I found this online a long time ago. I liked the Idea. So I started refining it. What you see is my third try at this "side pusher"style.


    As you can see "same concept" yet very different. MM
  6. Motormaker

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    Am I ok posting all this here or do I need to move it to another section?
  7. Alaskavan

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    Cool. Welcome to MBc. Good to see something different. Does it disconnect easily so you can use the bike by itself?
  8. Motormaker

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    Yes, it only takes 5 min. to remove it. No modifications to the bike. The axle nut and a "U" bolt hold is all that holds it on.
  9. BikeMan

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    Hey Motormaker,
    Where did you get your longer throttle cable from? I just ordered some mini bike parts to put together a bike pusher and the vendor didn't have long enough cable.By the way,cool set-up you have there....

  10. Dadkins1

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    very unique - only 24 mph from 3.5 h.p. - seems like it should have more (speed)- maybe it does ?
    SWEET !
  11. Motormaker

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    {BikeMan}I bought a replacement shifter cable for a bike. It was long enough to work. But I would like to find a longer one so I could route it differently. {Dadkins}The top speed is dictated by the governed rpm of the engine,Drive tire diameter and the fact that I only have one "gear". With 3.5 hp if used properly, efficiently, you could probably do 60 mph. It is geared very low much lower than it needs to be. Maybe I'll try one of those comet-clutch split pulley drives! ;)
  12. machiasmort

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    Home Depot sells 1/16 and 1/8 diam. galvinized cable by the foot. If you've got the housing laying arround, tape and shrink wrap two pieces together. For the cable stop (ball on end of cable), Home Depot sells crimpable cable ties. They also have Aluminum welding sticks. Use the aluminum because it's galvanized cable your putting the ball on!
  13. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    i built? one today. it was a boreem goped. i cut the frame, square tubing + motor mount + rear drive and wheel, drilled a hole through the sq. tubing and ran a bolt and spacer through supplied hole in swing arm of occ chopper then hooked up throttle and rode away. total time 1 hr.. thanks motormaker. total cost 85 bucks, occ 60, boreem 25.
  14. Motormaker

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    Your build was way cheaper than mine!!
  15. Rgvkid

    Rgvkid Member

    Hey Maker, what sproket size are you using?
  16. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    yeah and where have you been. happy holidays. drop us a note
  17. ZnsaneRyder

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    He's using a 60T #35 chain sprocket
  18. Motormaker

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    Yeah, it is a 60 tooth #35 chain. We are on a two week plant shut down. I am working on a no-weld pusher trailer. Merry Christmas a happy new year to all..
  19. Rgvkid

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    Hi Motormaker, There are a few of us on the push trailer thread who are admiring your setup and are thinking of doing similar designs. I hope your okay with us adding to your already great ingenuity. Since you have been using it for sometime now, is there anything that you would change that might help us out in ours.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  20. HoughMade

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    Welcome, from NW Indiana

    I'm late to this party, but welcome from a fellow Hoosier.

    If you ever see the below cruising by, it's me.

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