Greetings from Indiana!

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    Hey guys, I'm a student at Purdue University in Lafayette Indiana! I'm new to the forums as well as motored bikes in general (still in the planning stages for my first one!) I'm 23 and am a doctoral student studying mechanical engineering. I ride (and rebuild wrecked) motorcycles in my spare time so I'm pretty talented mechanically, hopefully the happy times will be a good match for me :grin5: I've done a lot of reading on here about bikes but just got into the legal issues today and that is what prompted me to join so if you're interested in indiana laws keep an eye out in the legal section!

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    Welcome to MBc...Very good, Guy... Just let us know your first name and where you're from. Then let us know where you are from...just let us know something Then let us know a little about yourself. Keep our Indy section posted on what is the law in that state...K ?
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    I have heard this before and as for me if the cops ask I tell them this engine is only 48cc's works for me.
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    I briefly looked on some websites for Indiana's laws. They don't require mopeds under 50 cc and with an automatic transmission to be registered, insured or a driver's license be needed. In order for a transmission to be considered automatic a centrifugal clutch must be used. This means no manual clutching or manual gear shifting on engine driven gears. So the only legal way for your engine to drive multiple gears is if it shifts automatically.

    However with that being said most cops in most states won't bother you if you don't ride like an idiot and obey all the traffic laws.
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    I'm in Indiana I read on this form that If your stopped by the cops just tell them it's a 48cc, was going for that anyway My bad
    "However with that being said most cops in most states won't bother" very true.