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  1. Lesis

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    Hello.It's been 4th year since I started this bike bit by bit.
    When one friend won this bike in some kind of lottery:

    from guys call Apokalipses jātnieki (which means Riders of the Apocalypse)
    They build stuff like this:

    Well,I though,why not build one too.
    I started from this

    Last photo of it:

    But some changes are already done- nexus generator hub in front,sturmey archer 3 speed hub in rear.

    Registered to find out more about tripletree/springer forks for winter project.
    Where's the engine for my bike?I have strong legs :D

  2. bideronit13

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    You could stick a V8 in the orange one.
    Vary origonal.
    Se Ya Later
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Are you on that website?

  4. Lesis

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    V8 would be a bit powerful on that frame:jester:

    I never heard of
    Anyway,these two aren't quite slow.