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    At this point I'm in what I guess you could call a highly-exploratory stage as far as doing my first build. I've got about a 15 mile commute (one-way) to work, and it's about as flat a commute as you can get. I've already got a bicycle, though I'm not certain whether it will be the one I use for the build. Don't know the make off the top of my head, but it's your standard multi-speed hybrid. I plan on going with the 66cc Grubee kits that I see all over for between $139-149.00.

    Gotta say that safety is a huge consideration, especially since this area has a large population of elderly drivers. Not trying to discriminate here, but what I've seen thus far while driving has me a tad concerned. Not sure there's enough high-viz orange that can be worn.

    I had a conversation with an employee with the local Department of Licensing and apparently motorized bicycles are governed by a law on the books from back in the 1930's, so there's no requirement for plates and whatnot. He did recommend I contact the State Police to check what their requirements might be, and almost a week after using their Contact Us email I await a reply.

    So there's my intro. Thank you for providing such a stellar information source, as I've already spent hours here soaking it up and plan on more as I get closer to making my decision.


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    Hi Dave, there are some guys from Washington here, and I think I recall the laws there are good. Check in the laws section if you want.
    And welcome to Motoredbikes!