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    How are you doing, I'm from the city of Miami and I've been getting more and more interested in motorized bikes. I live in a pretty big city and am trying to distance myself from driving a car around so in recent months I have been riding bike long distances and doing the things I would normally do if I were driving around in a car. But I'm at the point where I want to travel further distances and I don't want it to take as much time. So, I have made it a goal of mine to order the parts and make myself my very own motorized bike.

    I join this forum so that I can become more knowledgeable about the methods and to see what more experienced people have done. I would really appreciate any tips and pointers while I'm still considering what specific parts and models to buy.

    So once again hello, my name is Richard, and I'm new to motorized bikes.

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    You have a wide variety of choices about how to go. 2 cycle or 4 cycle gas engines or electric motor and battery, frame or rack mounts, and friction, belt, or chain drive. If I may humbly suggest you start fairly inexpensive and simple. I started with a friction drive (simple and not terribly expensive) and a Robin 35cc 4 cycle gas engine (reliable and trouble free). Once you have gained experience with your first bike for a few years, you may then decide to get more elaborate and sophisticated with your next. The bike can be whatever you are riding now or you could buy a second bike so you can have a good pedal bike to ride on days when that appeals to you. To build a safe and reliable MB make sure you bring whatever bicycle you will be riding up to snuff. You will be traveling at higher speeds and hitting bumps much harder than you are used to. Read up here on all the safety, brake, and wheel options. Whatever you decide to go with, have fun and be safe.