Greetings from Montana !

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  1. sgtmonkeynads

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    Bought a Felt 1903 the other day, love at first sight !
    Thought i'd be original and put a motor on it...hahahahaha....found this place!
    Couldn't believe the community of people with the same idea. No one around here does it, so people are gonna stare a lot. Like in nebraska where I grew up, we were the only people in town with a harley, before yuppies got to them.
    But anyway...I'm building a 1903 with the frame tank and a 88 grubee.
    I'm in milescity, work at a hotel. Been peddeling to work, people look at me funny, but they follow me to work just to look at the bike. Chicks seem to dig it to ! Except their 90 and tell me how their Dad had one like it when they were young..hahahahahahaha !

    In short you guys are great, very helpfull and most of all not a bunch of punk hooligan kids talking smack.
    I'm at work so I'll do a proper. Introduction when I'm done and post pics.

    Thanks guys.

  2. professor

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    Hi Sgt, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Have you seen how old some of us are? I don't even know what smack is.
  3. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. Our members like to help, but also brag about their projects.
    If you miss the smack and sarcasm, I can direct you the the mountain bike forum that I log into on occasion.
  4. sgtmonkeynads

    sgtmonkeynads New Member

    Nah, none of you guys are old. My brothers girlfriend thinks I'm Mr.Burns off the Simpsons, when I put on my riding gear. My friends all have ipods, I have a victrola. They have stereos, I have a player piano.

    Got a hair cut the other day ( classic flattop as always) then went to work. Black pants white shirt, black tie. An older landy complemented my looking so nice, she said " you look so nice, like an astronaught !" My boss laughed his butt off.

    Well gotta to oil up the autogyro and check the zepplin !
  5. Lazieboy

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  6. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    that Felt 1903 is perfect looking for a motor! maybe my next one will be that...
  7. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Welcome to the forum!
    You oughtta' fit in well here.
    I still have a wind up alarm clock somewhere.....
  8. sgtmonkeynads

    sgtmonkeynads New Member

    Yeah, the odd three will be beautifull. The only thing I'm nervous about is the installation of the fuel on off petcock. I want to beable to drain the tank if needed, but it shouldn't be a hassle to install a bung for it to screw into wiith a spacer.

    I work in Billings for a while at a real dive of a hotel. Only job I ever had where I wore my .45 to work. Met some nice folks though, after I cleaned up Dodge city.
  9. biketec

    biketec Member

    Hey there welcome to the forum!
    WOW Miles city! have a friend out there in Fairview I feel for you guys but to each there own right!
    Bozeman here... Don't Judge HAHA:bowdown:
    Anyways welcome have fun and hope to hear from you soon and if you need anything you just let me know!
  10. sgtmonkeynads

    sgtmonkeynads New Member

    Nirve headlight came today. Looks like it was built for this bike, very nice.
    Tank sealant kit will be here Thursday, can't wait to begin.

    My grubee came with a broken cooling fin. Got a replacement cylinder, any advice on changeing it ? Head bolts break easy from what I hear.

    People were taking pics of it yesterday out at work. The bikers love it. They will flip when I pass them going down the street and use my klaxon.
  11. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Changing out a cylinder is pretty straight forward. Getting the piston back into the cylinder can be a bit tricky. Be careful that the ring gaps stay centered on the locating dowels in the piston's ring grooves, and use a thin coating 2-stroke oil on the cylinder wall as a lubricant. Some folks use a cut down soup can and a hose clamp to compress and hold the rings into the ring grooves then slip the cylinder over the piston, pushing the soup can down the piston as the cylinder is slipped on.
    A piece of wood cut to a long U shape to hold the piston helps out alot.
    The wood needs to be long enough to span the cylinder hole in the case for good support. The center of the U is cut just wide enough to let the connecting rod fit down in it. The outside of the U needs to fit in between the cylinder studs.
    I hope that makes sense to you.
  12. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    tank sealer kit? I am assuming that means it's a kit of turn the "tank" into an actual fuel tank? if so... that's AWESOME. I would totally want that if I got a Felt...
  13. sgtmonkeynads

    sgtmonkeynads New Member

    Yup ! I can't wait till its done.
    Headlight came yesterday, looks like it was built for this bike to me.


    The klaxon is classic. Kids love it...cats hate it...:evilgrin:
  14. sgtmonkeynads

    sgtmonkeynads New Member

    Blessing in disguise ?

    Got time to change the cylinder today, and believe it or not I'm kindda lucky.
    The piston had a broken ring on it.
    Yes it was like that, no I did not do it, but what luck.
    The way this is going I should be done with it by Halloween, then I can get all dressed up in period gear and hit the town.
  15. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    I'd rip my eyeballs out if I had to wait that long for mine to be done... I'm hoping to be done by Sunday
  16. sgtmonkeynads

    sgtmonkeynads New Member

    I love it.
    Two piston rings, five dollars.
    One bottem gaskett, two dollars.
    Shipping, fifteen dollars.

    Oh well. I hope this it and I can finnaly get serious on this build.
    If not I may have to go midevil on someone, or at least early 20th century.
  17. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    where did you get the tank conversion kit? a friend of mine who likes Felt bikes is now interested in doing the motorized thing... I don't think he has a Felt YET, but I know he likes them
  18. sgtmonkeynads

    sgtmonkeynads New Member

    Sorry, I misstated myself. I was talking about the sealant kit. I got mine from caswell.
    I'm useing the fuel petcock off the tank in the motor kit.
    Gas cap, I slpurged and got one from ridley, but others are bigger and a lot cheaper.

    Tell him to do it man, I will be a fun ride when done.
    If it ever gets done.
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  19. sgtmonkeynads

    sgtmonkeynads New Member

    Parts got here. They sent me yet another piston head. Thank god it came with rings.
    I now am the proud owner of THREE piston heads.
    THREE hahahahahaha. ( cue thunder and lightning, oh and bats... )

    Next, rear sprockett onto axel. I hope this is easy. I don't think I will need extra spacers to get the chain around the balloon tire, but we'll see.

    I think the companies I order things from are placeing bets on when I get this done since all of them are requesting pics of the final product.

    Almost there....sort of....
  20. fastfestus

    fastfestus New Member

    HI Sgt.
    I'm from Townsend 30 miles south of Helena. I too am the only one in town with a MB. GEt used to the folks talking to you and asking questions. I ride mine to the store all the time and almost always there is someone standing there staring at it, waiting for me to come out. Oh well I guess there are worse things. I just jopined the site myself and the folks here are really helpful. Enjoy your first winter of riding, I did. Take care