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    Hello everyone,

    I'm totally new to this hobby and will not take delivery of my motorized recumbent until next week. I ordered a Sun EZ-Sport AX (aluminum frame) with a drive kit from Golden Eagle. I chose the Tanaka PF4000 2-stroke as it seems be easy to use and maintain and has a fair amount of power. It's also EPA and CARB Tier 2 compliant. After a bit of research, I think this combination will work out well for my 7-mile commute to work. It's all downhill getting there, but a challenging climb for the last mile going home.

    I haven't bought a new bike for over 30 years so I still need to buy lights, a good cable/locking system and maybe a cover. I also plan to look into a faring to cut down wind resistance and wind-chill as the weather gets colder.

    Depending on how noisy the engine is when I get it, I was thinking about an additional muffler - something that would be light weight, not restrict cooling or create back-pressure on the engine. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    A faring will make the ride a lot more comfortable at speed. If you do a search for muffler, you'll probably find a lot of threads on the subject. I haven't seen anything truely satisfactory yet.
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    Faring and muffler

    Hi Alaskavan,

    I've been looking at the Windwrap website and I like the designs and their 15% stated reduction in wind resistance, but I'll hold off on the $300 purchase until the weather starts getting colder. The price seems a bit steep. In fact, I wasn't certain how long I can ride once winter sets in. I'd think the wind chill would be really uncomfortable.

    As you suggest, I'll search for "mufflers" and see what I can find.

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    I use a Windwrap GX. I built my own mounting brackets. If you've looked at them, you probably know that the mounts are a lot of the cost. If you decide to get a faring, I could post some pictures (when I get another camera) to show you how I mounted it.
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    Na, you are not gonna need another muffler. The one that comes with it will work quite well. And it has the catalatic converter in it.
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    RE: muffler

    Hello dbigkahunna,

    You're probably right about the muffler. It wouldn't be necessary if the engine isn't too loud. I'll find out when I get the bike this weekend.

    Thanks for the advice.