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Greetings from North Dakota

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Hey motorheads!

I just found out that a forum for us bicycle blasphemers exists, so here I am! I have a Transparent Red 2005 Schwinn Alloy Seven with a Grubee GT5 and a 34T drive sprocket on a custom adapter. The bike is a 35MPH+ daily rider and I use it for work and fun alike. The Grubee GT5 is it's second engine, the first one was a generic 70cc that munched it's crank bearings after I overreved it. :LOL:

Modifications are as follows:

Handlebars flipped forward 90 degrees,
Wald Dovetail fenders, Flametread tires, upgraded brakes,
Dual Schwinn headlights and LED taillights,
Cork-stuffed frame and seatpost, Schwinn racing seat
Dual tanks, dual racks, dual trunks,
Odyssey sealed bottom bracket,
Front and rear turn signals, wireless speedometer
Laser-cut sprocket adapter, custom front mount,
Clutch and accelerator moved to LHS

Happy motoring! I'll have pics up once the site lets me :cool:


Active Member
Sep 30, 2006
Hello SAS-

Pix sometimes get available a bit earlier (it's all a mystery to me, the Australians can sometimes jump over the International date line and post pix the day before they even arrived) :???:

But go tell our fearless leader TOM how you found the site !! He'll thank you for the input.



Well-Known Member
Nov 4, 2006
Welcome to MBc

SchwinnAlloySeven_GT5 said:
bicycle blasphemers exists
in regards to one of my motored bikes, a local bicycle shop owner said to me....." If you want a ****** motorcycle, then buy a ****** motorcycle!" I guess he didn't realize how many bikes & parts I'd bought from his son, who operated the store.

enjoy the forum


Thanks fellas. Pics up in the Photo forum.

@ bamabikeguy: Done!

@ srdavo: My LBS is a Schwinn shop and they know my bicycle well! I have to get my pedal chain replaced every 500 miles or I can't use my 7th gear under power. The mechanics there love the bike, but they have a few customers that look at my machine with disdain. Most people ask "can you still pedal it" and I tell "ya have to!".

Still others chuckle at it and look at me like they feel sorry for my evident lack of taste, but I have more fun than most of them most the time anyway! Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a skinny-tire bike with an aerodynamic fool on it battling the ever-present wind, while I fly by on a full-fendered Schwinn with jeans :D