Greetings from Northern Virginia


Aug 7, 2007
My name is Al and I'm from the Fairfax/Burke area of Northern VA, just outside of Wash DC. My life used to be owned by my love of Old BMW's (mostly 2002's) and strange lifted trucks (early Bronco/FJ60 LCruisers/Land Rovers) and my weekends were mostly spent autocrossing or at driving schools. I got married (to a lovely and smart woman - for real) and now I have two little babies. My life has evolved and now I drive a 10 year old Accord with 100k miles and my wife has a new minivan. I miss all of my old persuits but my kids (and associated responsibilities) have forced adulthood on me - no regrets but it has not been easy. I want to say this forum is a Godsend for the motorized bike hobby and in itself, my cheapo 70cc bike project has helped me cope and retain a semblance of hope my love for the internal combustion engine. Thank you for having me part of the hobby and looking forward to being as infected in this new hobby as I was in my prior ones - in fact, it's already happening - my initial foray hasn't been 100% completed and I'm buying a second one (already built) next week ... I think I'm sick ... hahaha ... anyway .. I'm a newbie and will have many questions - be patient and be gentle, I learn reasonably fast and I always share my knowledge when I can be of help.
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Jim H

Welcome 123, we're neighbors, I'm in Maryland, eastern shore. It's a great hobby that helps keep us grounded.


Welcome to MBc. I don't know about the hobby keeping us grounded. I was catching some pretty good air today. It's just plain fun.