Greetings from Reno, NV

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mikolas, May 30, 2010.

  1. Mikolas

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    Ahoy there! I'm Mike of Reno. I don't own a motored bike yet, but I'm hopeful to do so soon. Money's a little tight for me, or I'd probably be in the middle of strapping an engine on to a bike right now.

    A little about me, I drive a taxi for a living currently and I'm trying to get back into school, focusing on working with routers. I can't rightfully call myself a handyman or particularly mechanically skilled, but I'm pretty good at seeing how moving parts fit together and I can probably build about anything if you hand me the tools and directions. So I'm a little worried about messing up my first bike, hence poking around here for all the information that can be had!

    I stumbled across this place while trying to find a good place to purchase online from/what tools I need, and I figured I'd try to join in a little. I'll definitely share my bike when I get one moving (I can almost guarantee it won't be anything fancy though).

    In any case, cheers to you all!

  2. wheelbender6

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    I'd love to get pulled over by the Reno911 cast. That being said, check your state laws in the legal section of this site. I don't remember if gas motored bikes are street legal in NV.
  3. Mikolas

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    Oh man, don't think our cops are ANYTHING like the cast of that show. They're too busy being maliciously stupid to be that funny... Feels like they never do anything until it comes close to the end of the quarter, then there's speed traps everywhere and cops pulling you over to ticket you on every minor loophole they can grasp at.

    That said, they're street legal here, so long as they're 50cc or under. Although if there's no indication of the size on the motor itself I'd like to see them prove it ISN"T 50cc...