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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rusty_apache, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. rusty_apache

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    Hey folks!
    I had a pretty bleak Christmas due to the economic downturn, so I added to my Christmas money and bought an 80cc kit. I just recieved confirmation of shipping, and am tracking it through UPS. Needless to say, I'm anxious to get started.
    I just joined, after spending a few days getting familiar with this site, and finding answers to many of my questions. You guys have a great site with tons of useful information.
    -kd kibbe

  2. Baverian

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    Hi rusty , Hope you have a good new year and welcome aboard.
  3. srdavo

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    Remember the Alamo!!!

    share your build story & ride safe!!

    Welcome to MBc!!! :cowboy2:
  4. frameteam2003

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    Thanks for the PM Apache--I PMed you.Let me hear from you as not manny in area into motobikes--lookin forward to your build---sam
  5. rusty_apache

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    I spent most of the chilly morning right here on this site with my coffee, soaking in conversion tips, and swiping ideas from some of the gorgeous bikes in the gallery.
    This afternoon, after totally failing at removing the left hand pedal, I serviced the crank bearings, instead of changing out the cranks like I had planned. Then I serviced the bearings on the Perry B-100 rear hub. I removed the chrome headlight, and installed one that my Grandfather had in his variety store in the 40's and 50"s. It says Radsonne across the top. I went digging in the garage, looking for some decent tires, and better handlebars. While in there I found a '48 or so Roadmaster, some 1940's Columbia springers and a Western Flyer that I had forgotten all about. I also found a more streamlined heavy iron rear rack, than the first one I layed out.
    I added some shims to the front coil springs to remove some of the sag in the front end. While it was apart, I straightened one of the truss rods, and chased the threaded ends with a die.
    After I got it back together, I aired up the crusty gumwall knobbies tires, and took it for a ride around Highland Park. The old bike rode a lot smoother than I remember, and the coaster brake worked great. I'm thinking of staying with this ugly chainring, and cranks, because they have a nice low ratio that will be good for starting my little 2-stroke. The engine is in HERMISTON, OR right now, according to UPS. Which will be about right, since I still have more maintenance to do, and then some welding.
    Let me know which is the right area to discuss a build like this.
  6. rusty_apache

    rusty_apache New Member

    Today I went for a short ride with a larger Western Flyer saddle, then removed the rear tire again, and filed the paint off of the area surrounding the holes to be repaired. I heated up the heads of 8- 16 penny nails to cherry red, in order to burn off contaminants and the light zinc coating that the manufactureres put on for rust protection. If not the zinc will evaporate while I am welding, and contaminate the weld, and the tungsten.
    And of course, wouldn't you know it, my Argon bottle is nearly empty, so I have to stop for lunch, and run up to the welder's supply for a refill. Nine more holes to fill..........