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  1. Feng

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    Hi Everybody,

    I just started researching motorized bikes and this seems like the hot spot for discussion. There was another forum I found without much traffic ... so here I is.

    So far I'm leaning towards the Subaru-Robin EH035 friction drive. Ease of install and price are my main criteria, plus if it's not the right drive system for me it will be a breeze to uninstall (and sell or swap to another bike).

    Also, we do not get much rain here and I won't be off-road so a friction drive seems a fine place to start.

    I'm in a kind of unique situation and I wanted to get your thoughts. I've been partially disabled for a long time and now that I'm getting some of my health back I wanted to get my biking strength back. I've tried short rides but it's all uphill back to my place and I thought if I had a little motorized assist I could peddle as I'm able, build up the long unused muscles and not overdo it, or worse, get stranded.

    I'm also using a ridiculously heavy "adult comfort bike" so I really need the help.

    Best price I've found is Staton-Inc but I didn't see thier shipping listed. Any idea how much they charge to ship to California?

    Any thoughts, tips or tricks are appreciated.

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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
  3. Feng

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    Thanks Dave.
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    Hola, CoCal! Welcome to MBc!!!