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    I am Steve and am new to the south Georgian scene since I have started college which is partially what lead me to this site... Since I left my hometown of Jacksonville, Fl I have had nothing but problems out of my car my parents provided for me before I left for school. I was thinking of a way to save money to get it repaired MYSELF without any help when I came across a video on youtube of a guy on a motorized bicycle.... I knew I had to have one soon. I have been researching this site's posts and reviews for the past couple of days and still feel as though I have much to learn in this part of town, because it appears its not as simple as sticking the motor to the bicycle frame. I hope to get to know and learn more things about motorized cycling as the days pass and also to get my own MB within the next few weeks because I have no transportation and I'm in a place I've never been without family.. So you can imagine what its been like, but I feel I have found a decent alternative with the MB idea. Again I am Steve