greetings from spokane WA

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    came a cross this forum while starting to get the items needed for my first build. there was so much info and good advice here that i decided to join up.

    just finished my build last night mounting everything and all thats left to do is add gas and tune it. so yeah just poking my head in and i'll be in and out from time to time as problems arise.

    a little bit on the bike.
    not sure what company made the bike because bought it off a guy from craigslist and i think he put it together from parts he had left over from his bike builds. after come needed TLC the bike turned out nice.

    i hope the engine i put on it wont wear it out to fast but if it does i already have a new bike im interested in getting.

    the attached photo is the bike

    greetings from Fairchild Air force base

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