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    Been checking out this site for a while now and decided to join in. A little history 1st.
    Like so many of you, since i was a kid (too many years ago) I always wanted to put a motor on a bike and forget the pedaling. Being a Cop's kid...DISALLOWED!
    Well, I always loved my bike then and now. The things you experience while cycling you just don't get in a car. Cycling was sorely missed these many years and a few years ago I started riding to work in the afternoons. I am self employed as a pool service tech. and am home for lunch daily. After lunch I could pedal the 3 miles to my pm jobs and really enjoyed that. So much so I bought a new bike. Then I got the brilliant idea that I could actually do my job all day by bike if I used the bus system to transport me the furthest distances and connect on bike. So for the last 3 years that's what I've done and liked it a lot, 'cept for winter and the rainy days. Well, fast forward to today and fuel prices, increased bus fares, schedule changes, construction, etc. I needed to be more independent.
    Searching the net I found so many bike engine kits I was overwhelmed. Yet, they were mostly all selling the same goods. I have to admit, I loved the old Whizzer look and the idea of an old cruiser bike with the top mounted tank and mid engine looked great! So, I was going to go for the Motorcycle "look".
    Wrong! Floriduh law says I have to have all fed. DOT requirements; register as a moped; license plates, etc... PSSSHHHH! Gotta find a way to do this 'stealth' then. Not that I am opposed to lights, etc., just the imposed taxes and registration and the whole BIG BROTHER deal. Yeah, grew up in the 60's and 70's.
    My solution was the rack mount friction drive under a 'bum' box (old milk crate) and bags (panniers), etc. to hide the works. The problem here was that all of these systems used side mount engines. You know the ones that hang over one side and direct drive the roller. It seemed to me the balance was a problem as well as Smokey being able to see the motor hanging out there. So I wanted the thing centered and the weight of the motor (what there is of it) directly over the center of the bike and drive wheel and driving via a jackshaft setup.
    Well it's not perfected yet, but I'm CLOSE! So I'll be watching and reading all I can here.
    Sorry for the long post, but you wanted to know something about me!


    Oh yeah, I'm also into 'hydroxy' generators for motor vehicles. Anything to save a buck, I guess!

  2. Welcome neighbor from the Treasure Coast.....
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    Awesome, and I hope it goes well for you. I'm also in FL and also plan to hide my engine too, but on a bike-trailer.
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    What part of florida are you in? (Nuttsy and ZnsaneRyder) I'm in sarasota county
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    Welcome to the forum.

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  6. Man we get a few more members here in Florida and WE could form our own Bike Week...
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    bike week

    Yea man Daytona motor bicycle week!