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    My first post. I had my first motorized bike when I was too young to drive. It was a Sturmey Archer equipped (3 speed hub) English Bike with a 2 or 3 HP Briggs and Stratton engine bolted to a plate welded into the crotch of the bike. The plate was supported by two tubular supports that ran down to the bikes bottom bracket (What the pedals attach to) the pedals were gone and in place of the pedals was a jack shaft with a small sprocket brazed to the jack shaft on the right side....chain drive ran back to the wheel............but in place of the small gear normally there....there was the ring gear that had previously been up front.....dont recall how it was attached. The Briggs had a standard centrifigul clutch on it with a belt drive down to a pulley on the left side of the bottom bracket jack shaft----very simple.....other than the 3 speed hub blowing up almost immediately, was bullet proof reliable and I was the bad a** kid on the block. That was in 1963 by the way.


    PS. Ive got 3 BMW bikes in the garage a K1200LT, an R1200RT and an R1200GS...............all great bikes....just looking for something light to run to the grocery store or library etc.

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    Welcome aboard.

    You might be called a charter MB'er. (Other than the original pioneers, of course.)