Greetings from the Unemployed in MI with the tradional newbee questions

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    So....... approaching 35 and unemployed for a couple months. I used to be in the auto industry and by definition I have an engineering background (in conjunction with management). I find myself with TONS of time on my hands and have been getting restless. I've done some of the honey-do list but still get bored with that. I've been trying to be more healthy and ride my bike (20-40miles a couple times a week) and saw one of these THINGS a couple weeks back. Like most I have been lurking in the dark and reading all of the posts. I was gung ho for a week and let it die for a bit to appease the wife but this looks like fun! I'll still ride a normal bike but these look like good cheap fun!

    For the legal reasons ( not to mention that there seems to be little performance upgrade and more vibration with a 66cc), I think I'm leaning towards a slant 49cc steel sleeve, integrated carb from Boy Go Fast. Any objections or concerns?

    I weigh just under 200 and agree with most that 25 or so is a logical max for a bike. Well I'm planning to order a kit tomorrow before we go on vacation so its here when we get back. B'day is in August so I suspect if I get totally immersed in this that Ill get the SBP shift kit then.
    Not sure on the bike yet. I have a nice late 90's steel GT MTB Ricochet and am on the fence. If i find a good deal on Craigslist then I'll pick up something for the MB otherwise I have a good doner bike but that means I need to spend another $700?? for a daily rider. I like the cruiser style and the Schwinn (Del Mar, etc) are cheap BUT I worry about that. From the get go you can tell the differences between a cheap bike and a quality bike. I worry that will only get worse with the wear that is put on these.

    QUESTIONS: 1) any recent concerns with Boy Go Fast 2) is there significant consensus that I should go 66cc (with or without SBP shift kit) 3) does the group think that the new design of integrated carb and steel sleeve is too new that its not proven? Appreciate any and all comments (or job leads)

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    One thing is certain you WILL have fun!!!!!!!!
  3. biken stins

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    Might check vendors reviews.
    Welcome to the site. info on where and not to go.
    Which vendor stands behind their product. And who won't.
    I like the slant head . Under 50cc is the cut of point for legal motorbike enging size in most places.

    this link will help you a lot. Then checkBGF in vendor review.
    Good luck with your project.
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    Those low end Schwinn 7 speeds (Jaguar-Target, Pointe Beach-WallyWorld, Del Ray- where ever they sell them ?? ) are popular starter bikes, the frames will hold up. It's safer than buying "used" and finding the motor won't fit.

    They need saddle upgrades pretty quick. Then as you go along, you can swap out for bigger pedals and a bigger front sprocket.

    The next step up in my pricing ladder are the Sun's, in the $300-350 range.

    All bikes need a new rear wheel ($50), and tubes ($10).

    That is about it to get running safe and confidently.
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    I apreciate your response as well an bacing of lower end bike BUT 2nd I don"t think hand bikes are bad if you know what your doing,. Correct me if If wrong but a 50-100 used (quality 500+ in its day) that needs a few cables and truing is still a better long term bet than the $89 weekly sale at X?
  6. bamabikeguy

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    Sure, you can find used bargains, just avoid lightweight aluminum frames and single speeds models, (hand brakes are a plus). You have to have enough clearance between the rear stays to fit your beefed up wheel.

    Search for 2.25 tires on a used bike, for the best potential.

    But the back end of the Schwinn cruisers is a guaranteed fit for most, from the Happy Times sprockets all the way up to the GEBEs spoke rings.
  7. bseelbach

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    thanks for the advice
  8. Hawaii_Ed

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    Shift kit all the way! I am very happy with my zoombicycle 66cc kit, and breaking 50MPH is a kick too!

    Go mulitgear, get the best bike you can buy, and have fun! Good luck on the job hunt too!
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    Welcome :grin5:

  10. Mountainman

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    check boygofast out in the reviews
    there was something floating around a while back regarding their
    boygonotthatfast -- not talking about speed here...

    hey -- then again I think that everyone deserves another chance
    how many times have we been perfect ????

  11. i talked to someone in the chat box who bought a engine from boygofast and there first day of using engine there magneto ripped appart and got mangled.
  12. Wild Frank

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    Hey, good luck with your build. But i realy would consider a different vendor for your motor kit. I ordered one kit and all I will say is never again!
  13. sajoe

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    I have had a BGF kit installed for about a month now and can't complain about anything. You have to be realistic about what you are going to get for 120.00 bucks. Plan on swapping out the hardware and the chain and you should be good to go.
  14. unless your motor explodes on the first day,but lets hope that doesnt happen.
  15. arceeguy

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    I dunno fellas, 49cc slant heads with cast iron cylinder liner and "new style" flange mount carburetors for $114 SHIPPED!!?? Sounds like a good deal to me! I have purchased many engines from BGF before, and they are not all that bad. BGF has always made good on bad parts. (busted clutch levers, etc) You can find horror stories about every vendor on eBay. If you do run into problems, it is always best to be courteous with the seller. Some of the threads that bash vendors are most likley due to a rude, demanding customer. Remember, these engines are built in crude factories, and the seller has limited control of quality.
  16. Skyliner70cc

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    BGF has only made good once on problems with his new kits. The last 3 kits I got had gas tank damage (dents) and mangled cables. I didn't get a single response from him. Why did I buy so many kits? The engines are good but the service is awful but what I expected from the low cost.
  17. arceeguy

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    Kind of like Verizon. Decent product, but God forbid you need service. Their unionized workforce starts pointing fingers at each other and NOTHING gets done. "Not my job" is the union motto.

    I may have gotten better treatment from the volume of kits I purchased from him. Money talks I suppose.
  18. bseelbach

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    Thanks for all of the advice. At the time I posted the string I was of the mindset that reviews on BGF were mixed but that ebay feedback was good so I would give him a chance. Funny thing though- I posted a question to his listing on ebay a week ago and still no response. I guess I got my answer..... The product may be a good price, quality for the most part seems on par but customer service may be non existent. I clearly told him that I would be buying one of HIS kits in 3 days and yet he didn't respond to a question. This suggests there may be communication issue if quality/delivery problems arise. Oh well on to another vendor.
    I appreciate the suggestions to "check the vendor reviews" but honestly there doesnt seem to be a lot of reviews in there. Probably 5-10 per vendor. With all of the kits that are discussed on here, I wish more people would post reviews. It doesn't give a clear picture of where (or where not) to go.
  19. machiasmort

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    Hate to badmouth anybody but I was a BGF victim and wouldn't have my bike runnin if it wasn't for this board. On BGF's side, Surely you seen what went on in our Domestic Auto-Plants, imagine the pride taken in one of these Chinese engines!

    They are alot of fun and well worth the effort... Good luck and keep us posted!