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Greetings from Upstate NY


The Hornet

Hey everyone! Glad to be aboard!

I got started with motorized bicycles by first collecting and restoring vintage musclebikes, mostly Schwinn Stingrays. It was only natural that I marry my love for air-cooled Veedubs and vintage bicycles by getting involved in the motorized bicycle scene. I have one motorized bicycle already, a 1963 Schwinn Hornet (where my member name was derived) with an 80cc motor and Whizzer reproduction exhaust. I will post pics in the gallery soon.

I am currently working on a stretched bike with an 80cc motor, and I have another bike in the works that will embody and honor the 60's drag racing culture! Oh yeah!

The Hornet



The Hornet: my dad (rip) was a 60's drag racer & a 70's figure-8 driver...i'm looking forward to seeing the theme-bike...welcome to the MBc 8)