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    I just wanted to say Hello from the great state of VT, I have just stumbled upon the world of MBs, I have been a long time bike nut, building many custom bicycles, from fixies, to tall bikes, to super stretched choppers. As I started on my new restoration project of an old Western Flyer, I got to thinking "this looks a lot like an old motorcycle" and started surfing around the net and stumbled upon a GRUBEE motor kit and it is now on the way. I hope to end up with a bike that is reminiscent of some of the old motorcycles from back in the day.

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    Welcome aboard.

    If you put a frame mounted 2 stroke in that Western Flyer, then a bike "just like back in the day" is exactly what you'll have. It's gonna be a thing of real beauty.

    And you can't imagine, just yet, how much fun you're gonna have.

    Nice bike!

    See you around.