Greetings fromt the 50th state

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    I ran into this site while I was researching motors for my bicycle. I am leaning towards the electric motors although am still undecided as to what I would need.

    I recently bought a used Schwinn Stingray Chopper bicycle (the one that was designed by Orange County Choppers (OCC); with 20" fat rear tire and 24" front) just for this purpose.)

    I do know that they have kits that will fit this bicycle but a lot of these engines are gasoline based. I have a couple of mopeds, a completely stock Yamaha Razz, and a tuned & ported 72cc Honda that is capable of exceeding 45+ mph (conservative estimate); so am familiar somewhat with small gas engines.

    Which is why I'm leaning towards the electric motors this time around. :) since I would like to get some hands on experience with the electric motors.

    Well, I have quite a bit of reading to do since there's quite a bit of great info here at this site. Thanks to everyone for the great forum! :)
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    Schwinn sold some of those choppers that were electric powered, from the factory. My buddy has 2 of them...he's offered them to trade for my electric mongoose, but I like the 'goose better.

    I'm sure you'll find something you'll like here.

    Welcome to MBc.
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    Thanks for the welcome, srdavo.

    I didn't know that about the factory electrics, thanks for the info.

    I also recently found out that a few came with three speeds too (non electric). I'm still researching the specifications of this particular frame to see if it will meet my needs (which should be modest, I hope ;)).

    I work at the top of a hill, and the distance to my working place would be about 1.5 miles. If an electric engine could do that, I would be quite pleased.

    Another reason why I wanted to try the electric motors is that, as previously mentioned, I have a couple of mopeds already. The local community is a bit sensitive to noise pollution as more than a few 'hotrod' mopeds here with their loud exhausts have irritated a bunch of people. I'm trying for a 'quiet & stealthy' approach.

    I'm figuring that most of my commutes will usually be 25 miles or less, but it might include some hills. I hope that I will be up and running before summer. *crosses fingers* and i might have to add the capacity to hold a surfboard, of course.
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    welcome -- and which ever way that you decide to go -- have fun as you

    ride those THINGS
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    thanks for the welcome Mountainman; that i will do. As I get older, I keep reminding myself that I should be less serious and have more 'fun' in life.

    I much prefer riding over driving ;)

    I really am surprised that we don't have a better infrastructure for bicycles here, since it's pretty much great weather all year round. Just a tad wet during our winter months (such as now). Sometimes I wish I could get some of the important politicians to ride a bicycle and/or moped for at least a week, to see how they would fair. That would certainly give them a peek into some of the challenges that we face as two-wheelers.

    I haven't been excited on a proposed project like this one in a while! :D
    I'm amazed at all the information there is on motorized bicycles!!!
    I'll have to take a break from all this reading, so I'll go surfing instead; hopefully by this summer, I'll be riding (my motored bicycle) to go surfing! Awesome!!!
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    enjoy -- I know that it's very nice over there

    hi idiosyncratic

    referring to #1 above
    man isn't that the truth
    as we get older we realize how fast time truly does fly by
    no time better than today to have a good time

    #2 -- Yes, I know a couple of congressmen here in San Diego
    one just ran for president -- although he didn't get too far
    have been thinking about getting these guys on motor bikes
    maybe invite them for a ride someday

    #3 -- I lived in Perl City when I was a young one
    you got it made over there -- it's so beautiful
    taking a ride on a motor bike with a surfboard someday
    many would think -- it don't get better than that........

    any idea yet regarding motor that you may be interested in ?

    have a great day -- from - MM
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    I am having a great day MM :)
    I got up this morn, somehow thinking that today was Thu.
    found out mid-morn that it was Friday! That sure was a picker-upper!

    I haven't really decided yet on the engine, as I'm really new to the electrics.
    That NuVinci hub sounds really interesting, and is worth considering as a part of whatever I build.

    The problem that I have is that the OCC Chopper Street Series bicycle that I bought, has that fatty 20" x 4" tire and that is giving me an interesting challenge when looking for an electric motor (even with that NuVinci hub that I just mentioned).

    So I was looking into fitting a wireless electric hub for the front tire since the front is a more reasonable 24" size.

    The only thing is that the rake and/or angle of the front end (or both) is not as secure footed as I hoped (according to an article pitting the OCC Chopper against another chopper). If I decide to go this route, I'll probably be seeing quite a bit wear and tear on the front tires.

    Most of the kits that I've seen for this bicycle is gasoline based, which are way cool, and have actually enticed me to take a second look at this option.

    I would really like to have an electric based system, so that I can (hopefully) take a look at harnessing our abundant solar energy here. Wouldn't that be awesome! To have an electric bicycle, and having the sun help you charge your batteries. It would be minimal cost to ride your motored bike!