Greetings! Help! 2-Stroke nightmares (like a bad movie)

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    Hi guys,

    I would have posted this in the appropriate sections but I need to introduce myself first. My name is Tom and I'm in the midst of a nightmare with a used 2-stroke m-bike I just bought about a month ago.

    From what I was told it is a "80cc" RAW 2-stroke engine kit (though I know apparently the actual CC's are less). I never had one of these things before so at first it kept dying on me, but once I got the hang of it (or so I thought), it seemed to work OK. Then it started dying on me (one and off) again.

    I removed the spark plug (thinking maybe it was going bad) but couldn't find a replacement; then I put it back in and it hasn't been working since. It seems like the engine is turning but it wont fire up. On top of that somehow my electrical (which the guy before me had wired precariously) had come apart so I put it back together based on the wiring diagram circulating online (black to black, blue to blue, with green spliced into black and red/yellow spliced into blue).

    So now I really can't tell what's going on. Did I somehow mis-wire something (I checked and it seems to be OK), is the spark plug not inserted correctly (how can I be sure if it is?) or is the engine flooded? Essentially, when I try to start it, I can't tell what the problem may be of those three things. Also, the fuel line seems to not be letting fuel through sometimes (as if there were a vacuum).

    Can anybody suggest a systematic way for me to be sure which of those things work/don't work so that I can isolate the problem?

    Thanks a lot, any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    I can offer some advise from experience but am not an expert like alot of these guys.There is alot on this forum which is what got my bike built and running.You should be able to buy a replacement plug almost anywhere.Look on the internet or take it to NAPA.Take your fuel line loose and see if fuel runs out or drips out.Tank could be clogged.Unscrew petcock and see if filter is clogged or removed.Most people remove this filter and buy an inline filter at parts store. Carburator problems read forum there is lots of advise.Electrical is fairly easy.You may have a kill switch that is stuck which will keep your bike from starting. Read the forum. Also check websites that sell parts and show you pictures of what parts look like. GOOD LUCK
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    Hi Tom,

    I agree with bob that an intermittent problem like that could be fuel starvation. Seeing as you have now rewired it its possible you now have 2 problems the intermittent issue and the one causing it to not start. Make sure you replace the spark plug but before reinstalling the new one connect the wire and rest it against the engine while trying the start it, it should be easy enough to see if the engine has spark if it does focus on the fuel system. What ever you do don't hold onto it while performing the test :)
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    There is your answer. Al.Fisherman monitors these forums like a hawk. He has helped put me many many times. Thanks again Ron for all your help.
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    Thanks Bob...have a great day.