Greetings, New member old fabricator What needs doin'?

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  1. Freedomfalcon

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    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,
    My name is Carter Lee. I have been smitten by the simple beauty and happiness of the board track racers.
    I was a prototype fabricator for Confederate Motorcycles for a long time.
    I possess the ultimate library of racing motorcycle specials construction.
    I own all the equipment to see anything happen. I have a board track racer idea cooking. Soon, I will post pictures of my project.
    I'd be happy to help any of you with your special fabrication needs. If you can draw it, I can build it. I am a 20 year veteran fabricator. I may also be reached at

  2. Chris Crew

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    good to know

    Welcome, Carter. More than a couple of the folks around here have expresed interest in a nice fuel tank. I may just send you a drawing and get a quote.