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    Hello everyone, i have recently discovered the realm of motorized bikes and have decided i want to get my own. I now live in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and have my eyes on a Schwinn cruiser...all i need now is a motor to power this baby! There are some pretty steep hills here so i was thinking an 80cc would be necessary, but i am not an expert. I like the idea of the in frame design and have looked at several vendors (how do people here feel about Kingsmotors?). I guess that about sums me up right now, i look forward to chatting with everyone. :cool:

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    Hello and welcome aboard.

    I weigh about 175 lbs and I carry a pretty heavy load in my trailer, but I've found that my 49cc has all the power that I need. And this includes one serious hill on my daily commute. If the hills were really frequent, then perhaps I'd want a bit more. Just to be on the safe side. But, in either case, the 49cc engines aren't exactly dogs.

    This engine has no guts at all at low RPM. Maybe the 80cc would do a bit better? Perhaps, but I'll bet it won't be much.

    Whichever you choose, you'll have a blast. So you'd better get building and get riding. Let us know how it all turns out.
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    I have been thinking about this recently, but how would the coaster brake on a cruiser bike handle steep hills? I have heard of them "burning up" and figured i would simply add a front brake to add safety.
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    If you can try to get a bike with hand brakes.. You will need them !!! "HILLS"
    Are M/B's Legal there ???
    I wish I lived in St. Thomas awesome place!!!
    You will have a all year riding season, Just don't get a Friction drive too much rain...
    Here is a pic of my Schwinn Beach cruser


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    I think that anything over 50cc is considered a scooter/moped but basically the enforcement here is lax for everything (except for seatbelt laws and talking on a cell while driving). And if you were a helmet you prolly won't be bothered.