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    Lived on my bike as a kid. Race BMX back in the day, got into mountain biking for a bit.
    Still have my old profile bmx cruiser and 20 inch, an old diamond back mountain bike. Ive always had something available to ride.
    I currently drive and old 50s car, and i wouldnt be able to do what ive done with it, without the skills i learned as a kid working on my, and all my friends bikes.
    Blah, blah, blah.....

    I inherited a ev global ebike a few years ago, and honestly, when i looked at it, i laughed.....
    But no, it has been one of the most fun bikes ive ever owned. But its slow, and the range kinda sucks. But its been one heck of a 75 lbs, self propelled street bike.
    I cant believe how well its held up.

    Ive wanted to build a gas cruiser bike for quite awhile now, just never seemed to get around to it. Soooo many other projects going on. Well now 2 of my friends are in, and building em, so im jumping in with im.

    Ive been lurking.
    Ive used web forums for travel and building hot rods.
    Im using an old schwinn.....
    Just got the engine in the mail yesterday.

    1st thing im learning is that im gonna need some wider/shorter cranks.
    Any advice on that would be a great welcome to the board!


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  2. Agent009

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    Well, i got it all together......
    Had an old set of BMX cranks that were wide enough to fit around the engine. Was sooooo stoked about that.
    I still wanna try to get the rear fender on, and the chain guard.

    Ran a bit rough at 1st, but its getting better everytime i ride it.
    Im doing my best to follow the break in rules.

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    Hi Agent, welcome to Motoredbikes.